Why Diamond Eternity Rings Are So Popular Among Couples

If you are looking for a ring that symbolizes eternal or everlasting love, an eternity ring is the perfect choice as it symbolizes ever-lasting love and never-ending commitment with its circular band made up of precious metal and a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones. The precious metals most commonly used in eternity rings are usually white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. The eternity ring is usually gifted to mark special occasions like an anniversary or birth of the first child of a couple or as a wedding ring because it is considered as a coveted item for women looking for custom jewellery in Canberra or symbols of undying love and commitment.

Meaning of Eternity Rings

The eternity rings have a line of diamonds studded on it and this never ending line of diamond symbolizes the eternal and never-ending love that a couple of shares. Diamonds add meaning to the eternity rings. Diamonds are hardest known stones and thus symbolize the in-destructive nature of the love between couples. These rings were also considered by the Egyptians as an essential bond of strong marriage that could not be interrupted in any way, even by death.

Types of Eternity Rings

There are different kinds of eternity rings available in different jewellery stones.  The most popular choice among men and women is the traditional, full rings that have gems placed all around their face in a continuous line, but there are half eternity rings as well. These half eternity rings have gems and diamonds placed only on the top face of the ring.

Why are Eternity Rings so popular?

The durable nature and the striking physical properties of platinum and diamond rings make them a popular choice among couples. The fact that the overall sparkle of gemstones and diamonds are further enhanced by precious metals like platinum, gold or rose gold that is used to make these eternity rings. However, eternity rings are quite expensive, and so people looking for other alternatives to diamonds or women who love custom jewellery in Canberra also use colorful gemstones along with diamonds. There are many other unique styles of eternity rings that are being commonly purchased for their unusual cuts and designs.

Which setting best suit the Eternity Rings?

In full eternity rings the gemstones that are set and lie on the underside of the ring can cause irritation and discomfort to your fingers. The prongs holding the diamonds may catch things and also cause discomfort, so you need to be very careful while wearing full eternity rings. That is why the diamond setting becomes important here. When buying full eternity rings, customers have shown a liking towards bezel set diamonds as the diamonds in this setting are covered with metal on all sides and thus are very comfortable to the skin of the adjacent fingers. Customers can also opt for channel setting because in this type of setting the diamonds are held between two parallel walls and thus cause minimum discomfort. Channel setting eternity rings are hugely popular. If your diamonds are small, you can opt for other regular settings like the prong setting or the pave setting as well. The benefit of channel setting and bezel setting is that they also save your diamonds from scratches and sudden hits that rings generally go through.

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