What Should You Be Concerned of While Buying an Engagement Ring?

You might be romantic, you might be genuinely in love, but when it comes down to selecting an engagement ring, it might take you out of the comfort zone completely. Well, it’s true that buying an engagement ring is sheer emotion, but if you do not combine sufficient practicality, you’ll never be on the winning side. While you’re buying an engagement ring, you’re on the verge of transforming your bachelor life, and this ring stands as an embodiment of love and commitment; that’s pure emotion. On the other hand, this is a rock-solid investment as well, because jewellery is the safest means in the investment market.

So before hitting the reputed jewellers in Canberra, you must know five essential factors to consider. Engage yourself in this study, you never know, you might find it interesting too!

Never Forget to Consider Your Beloved’s Lifestyle

Going by the popular trends, an engagement ring is something that the couples wear on their ring finger for a lifetime. And speaking of women, they generally do not prefer changing the rings when going out to work or some party. So here are few things you need to ponder on.

  • Is your better half into professions like teaching, nursing, physiotherapy which involves a lot of work with her hands? In such cases, you should avoid rings that will have elevated stones like diamond and sapphire.
  • If she’s into Sports, it will never be possible for her to handle it well. She has to remove every time she’s into her activity. Hence, you must go for an engagement ring that is water resistant and also easy to clean.
You Must Know and Consider Her Personal Preference and Choice as Well

You must be seeing her in every place, in every state of mind, and in every position. Have you ever noticed what does she love to wear to express herself? If you haven’t yet, this is the time when you must concentrate on her preferences. Look closely at the fabrics she generally prefers to wear, the color shade, pattern and the jewelry she often wears. If you’re smart enough, you should be able to identify her liking and know her style as well.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Budget

This is the chance of combining practicality with emotion. Have you ever been to any jewellery shop ever? Do you have the experience of buying unique jewellery ever? If the answer is no, then here’s a big secret to reveal. You can hardly get jewellery within your budget; it’s always going to exceed at any point in time. Now, it’s all about prioritizing several factors while buying an engagement ring for your beloved. Sit with your finances first, and determine the budget. Once you buy an engagement ring, you have to live with this investment for the lifetime. So it makes no sense to put your finances at risk to buy an engagement ring. You’ll find enough reason to prove, that you love her.

Never Forget to Take the Measurement of Her Ring Size

This is, in fact, a small detail, and this is why it mostly goes ignored. But you have no idea how crucial it can get while choosing the engagement ring. If you have already got a ring of both your and her choice, and then you get to know it doesn’t fit her finger, resizing it can be a hefty affair. Just imagine, you’re down on your knees for the proposal, and the ring you take out doesn’t fit her size. How embarrassing can it get for you two?

Well, it is equally important to keep it secret, because this ought to be a surprise for her. All you need to do is sneak into her room and get a ring that she usually wears. The ring-sizing tool with the jewellers in Canberra will do the rest. Also, there’s an alternative process to this if you’ve got a lump of clay, push in the ring to get a precise measurement.

Never Miss Out On Protection

As mentioned before, the engagement ring is going to be one of the most significant investments of your married life, and this is going to stay lifetime. If you’ve planned to buy a car for yourself and your family, would you think of getting it without insurance? So should be your plan while purchasing the engagement ring too. Speak with the jewellers in Canberra about the insurance plans they have covering bizarre incidents like theft, damage, and loss.

Never give up while you’ve decided to get the engagement ring finally for your beloved. This is not just for that one single day; it is going to be with her for the lifetime. Make it so special, that every time she looks at it, she is mesmerized by its beauty and your love.

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