Things You Want to Know About Amber Stone

Although amber is considered as a gemstone, the glowing, warm amber coloured material is not a stone. It is a fossilised resin extracted from ancient evergreen trees. It is about 320 million years ago that the oldest amber was discovered. It is quite astonishing to imagine how much energy an amber contains. An experienced amber jewellery specialist in Canberra can help you select the best amber stone for your jewellery.

Young amber stone is nearly 100 thousand years old. If you are searching for a precious piece of amber stone in the market, you need to select an old one. A tree resin takes a long time to turn into true amber. It is not a matter of a few years, but millions of years. As these stones are so rare and unique, they are also precious and invaluable. It is quite mind-boggling to even think that a piece of amber jewellery contains such immense energy of the ancient world.

These stones have been used in different cultures since ancient times. Ancient Greece, China, and Northern Europe have prominent references to the usage of amber jewellery as important parts of their cultures. People have attributed many crucial properties to these beautiful and glowing stones. EXQUISITE JEWELLERS can be an excellent guide to selecting a precious amber stone.

 Let us discuss few of the things about amber stones:

Special Things About Amber Stones:

The most prominent feature of an amber stone is that it has old energy preserved in it. The old energy is accompanied by the accumulated wisdom of ancient earth. Through the beautiful glow of the stone, you can see the beauty of an unknown kingdom. You may find small insects trapped in the amber stone and wonder how their existence would have been outside this. This experience can give these amber stones the quality of strong magic. Think of a mysterious age trapped in each amber stone!!

The amber stones generally come in warm colours. You will find the stone colours varying from yellow, orange, and sunny brown. The hues of these stones are warm enough to be considered a stone of the Sun. You may find ambers stones in blue, red, and green colours. Although the ambers stones are often colour treated, you can still choose to use original stones for your jewellery. Amber Jewellery Making in Canberra can offer you the best amber stone jewellery craftsmanship.

Origin of Amber:

The high-quality amber stones are substantially supplied from the Baltic countries located in Northern Europe. You can also search for high-quality amber stones in the Dominican Republic as it is another good source for amber stones. You may also get the most precious blue amber stone if you know where to get it from. These blue stones are priceless gems and are considered as great possession. Britain, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Russia are also well known for amber jewellery production.

Properties of Amber Stones:

Amber stones are widely known to contain some of the most ancient properties and energies of the earth. Its ancient property makes it the most mystical gemstone of all. If anecdotes and myths are to be believed, amber stones were considered as the soul of the tiger in various Asian cultures. Thus, often people wear the gemstone as a symbol of courage. Amber was used by travellers travelling long distance as a sign of protection.

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