Things to Remember when Visiting Jewellery Stores for a Wedding Ring

Buying jewellery is not only about shopping when you have money to spare. Buying silver is as much a nuanced collector’s mission, as it is a luxury buy. Given, the amount of money involved, buying silver is a task that requires some experience in the field of purchasing jewellery. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing wedding jewellery, the process becomes even more nuanced and critical than otherwise. Purchase wedding jewellery is not just about buying something garish or pricey and expecting those attributes to make a case for the sentiment involved. It requires scrutiny, knowledge of the wearer’s tastes, and adherence to a budget, and so on so forth. Very few of the jewellery stores Canberra residents visit, do any justice to the queries mentioned above. Therefore, the buyer is best left to ask the critical questions on their account, such as follows:

  • Will your engagement ring be complementary to the wedding ring?

It is advisable that the engagement ring and the wedding rings bought are of the same cut and ‘setting’. This is mostly for the basic purpose that one ring does not grind into the other and tarnish the latter’s sheen. Rings that have a protruding gemstone, seldom wear out each other’s polish simply from coming into contact. However, for a ‘fitted’ ring, that is one where the gemstone embellishments are confined within the metal frame if they regularly come into contact with one with a protruding gemstone, the former is more likely to wear out sooner than expected. Also, rings that are of different build types do not gel very well. The bulkier one always outshines the other.

  • Will it be handmade or ‘cast’?

Some opt for handmade wedding rings because they are crafted by trained human hands, which add a personal touch. Intricate ornate embellishments are more natural to realise on a ring which is not cast but handmade. Cast rings feature more symmetric design patterns and geometric patterns which can only be achieved with the help of pre-made moulds and refining machinery. Both of these types carry a different aesthetic quotient and appeal to varied tastes.

  • What are the style of the gold ring and its type?

Not all rings have the same style. Different styles or trends go in and out of fashion, in the realm of wedding rings. If there is any specific style, or design that you have in mind or your partner has in mind, then it is prudent to consult the jewellery maker about what works, what doesn’t and which style is still in circulation. The gold type conundrum is specifically applicable to those who are opting for gold wedding rings. Some gold rings feature rhodium plating, and some do not. For the ones in the former category, unless the rhodium plating is revisited again and again, the sheen drops over a period.

Among the jewellery makers, designers and jewellery stores Canberra folks usually visit, very few take the time out to resolve such pertinent queries, save for one or two enterprises like Exquisite Jewellers.

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