Things to Consider Before Designing an Engagement Ring

The time has finally arrived to select the unique engagement ring for a particular person. It is the time when you have found your true love. Now, it makes sense to design an engagement ring crafted especially for your partner. You can design custom jewellery in Canberra at Exquisite Jewellers crafted beautifully especially for your soul mate.

What You Need to Know Before Creating Custom Engagement Ring?

Set your budget- Always set a budget in mind before you start shopping. When you plan your ring various materials, intricacy and elements come into place. Hence, tell your budget to the jeweller before choosing an adornment. Remember to buy a ring in which you are comfortable.

Select a jeweller carefully- Hire a reputable jeweller who is an expert in creating and designing custom engagement ring. You need an experienced and skilled professional for completing the work. Take the advice of jewellery designer for drafting design of your vision and create a unique piece.

Four factors assessing Diamond 4C’s- Quality of a diamond can be assessed by four factors and they are:

  • Carat weight
  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity

If you like purchasing a diamond ring, then these factors have to be followed. A correctly cut and well-made stone emits the brightest sparkle.

Know her choice- Do you want to make the proposal distinctive? If yes then, select a ring that truly fits her style and personality. When it comes to choosing a ring for your partner knows about her interest. Ensure the ring suits her choice by viewing her overall style.

Choose right material- When creating a design choose the right band material. The main choices for engagement ring metals are platinum, yellow gold and others. Pick a metal for the ring that reflects her beauty the most.

Pick from creative stones- Metal is a secondary element as primary aspect is choosing the right stone. For example, an engagement ring with a centre or side stone enhances its look. You can incorporate any shape of your choice like round, heart, circle and others.

You should propose with a ring that is as special as your partner. Customizing gives you the flexibility combining different elements to develop a unique design. Exquisite Jewellers presents custom jewellery in Canberra offering exclusive varieties and designs from the vast collection.

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