The Gist of Gold Jewellery Making, Karats and Carats

Gold’s status as a precious metal is unrivalled, across the globe. Gold is among the most durable metals to exist on the planet. The non-reactive nature of gold, when subjected to air, chemicals, harsh temperature and pressure conditions, ensures that it does not tarnish in value and appearance. Given how ductile and malleable gold is, jewellery makers have been toiling with the precious metal, since way back in 3000 BC. Some of the most elegant jewellery making Canberra has seen is the handiwork of yours truly, Exquisite Jewellers. However, what is the science behind gold carat’s and karats? Let us explain it to you.

The Gold Carat:

The unit ‘Carat’ refers to the magnitude of purity in a given amount of gold. Purest gold is worth 24 carats. However, purer the gold, the softer is its substance. 24-carat gold, however, is too soft to work upon and design. Therefore arises the need to add other metals to gold to increase its tensile strength against wear and tear. Metals such as copper and silver are employed for this purpose. However, this, in turn, reduces the purity of the metal. Carat is also used in describing gemstones. However, in their case, ‘carat’ is a unit of mass rather than purity.

The Gold Karat:

The simple difference between ‘carat’ and ‘karat’ is that it is how they spell it in the US-metric system. And ‘karat’ is never used to describe the mass of gemstones. So, when you come across the term 14K gold or 10K gold, it means that the gold in front of you is 14 out of 24 parts pure, and ten parts comprised of some other metal. In the US, gold worth 10K or above is usually branded with a stamp that says ‘K’ or ‘KT’.

The current price of gold in Australia, as of the time when this article was being written, was 55.50 AUD, for every 24K worth of gold. Exquisite Jeweller’s catalogue boasts of some of the most exquisite jewellery making Canberra has seen, that presents good value for the price. The price of gold is at least 70 times that of an equal amount of silver, in the Australian market. This is the reason why 18K worth of gold is the most commonly used magnitude of gold, for jewellery making in Australia. This set value presents a perfect ratio between the price and purity that is desirable.

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