The Definitive Guide On Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold jewellery is gradually becoming popular because of its warm glow and vintage feel. With its versatility and beautiful colour, rose gold makes a great choice for any style of jewellery, contemporary or vintage. A rose gold engagement ring complements all types of skin tones and also look unconventional than common metal rings made of gold or platinum. At Exquisite Jewellers we offer a broad range of rings, bracelets, and other jewellery items in rose gold.

Rose gold engagement rings in Canberra are exquisite. The soft, warm pink of rose gold looks simply stunning when combined with diamonds. Rose gold will set off your diamond perfectly, letting its brilliance shine. Jewellers also use coloured gemstones with rose gold to create a unique piece of jewellery.

What elements are used to make rose gold?

Rose gold is sometimes referred to as pink gold, and the secret behind its unique colour is copper. In jewellery, gold is mixed with other metals to withstand wear and tear because it is too soft when not mixed with any other alloy or metals. This is especially the case for 24-carat gold, which is at least 99% gold. Mixing copper and gold together is what gives rose gold its pinkish colour. The amount of copper used in the alloy will determine how pink or red the rose gold will be.

Depending on the ratio of copper to gold, rose gold can appear a soft pink or a deep red. The elements of true rose gold are about 22.5% copper, 75% gold, and a small percentage of silver. Copper is dark, so mixing in a bit of silver helps to lighten the colour of the copper.

Is rose gold a suitable choice for men’s jewellery?

Rose gold has a warm hue which suits almost any skin type. Even some fashionable men are becoming fond of rose gold engagement rings in Canberra in recent times; a plain and simple rose gold wedding band looks fantastic on men. Men can also try two-tone wedding rings, white and rose gold for example which creates a stunning contrast when combined together.

How To Look After And Clean Rose Gold Jewellery

It is essential to know how to take care of your rose gold jewellery. There is a higher amount of alloy copper in your rose gold jewellery than yellow or white gold, and the jewellery will oxidize over time. You need to keep the following point sin find to take proper care of your jewellery and ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

Storage– Make sure, that you store all the delicate rose gold jewellery in separate pouches and boxes. This helps to eliminate the risk of scratching the jewellery.

Chemicals- To ensure that the rose gold jewellery’s appearance doesn’t become dull, avoid contact with any soap or cleaning products.

Use Special Cleaning materials– It is best if you rely on a reputable jeweller like Exquisite Jewellers to clean and take care of your jewellery but if you want to do it yourself, using a special cleaning product and cloth to clean the jewellery can help to increase the life of the jewellery and also keep your fine jewellery looking its best.

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