Some Interesting Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas And Tips

The wedding ring is very special as it represents your love and commitment to your partner. One of the easiest ways to personalise a ring is to engrave a message on the inside of the shank or even around the perimeter of the stone. Most of the reputed businesses who are involved in jewellery making in Canberra usually offer basic engravings on the wedding ring for free. Couples are usually more concerned about the style and colour of the band or the stone on the wedding ring, and they put little thought into what they would like engraved inside the ring.

Some of the reasons why couples love to have engraved on their wedding rings are as follows:

  • Personalization- Engraving adds a personal touch that makes the ring special whether you design the ring yourself or chose it from premade designs.
  • Commemoration- Engraving helps commemorate special moments and allows you to put significant information related to your marriage and relationship.
  • Privacy- The engraving goes on the inner portion of the band so that it can be a special but private message between you and your partner. It is a fun little secret that you can keep to yourself.

Engraving the wedding band with something romantic, personal and meaningful will help you to customise the ring. Let’s explore some of the favourite traditional and unique engraving ideas that couples will love to have in their wedding rings for the rest of their lives.

  • Significant dates like the wedding date, engagement date, etc.
  • Name or initials
  • Short sentiments like I love you, eternal love, forever, etc.
  • Meaningful Bible verses
  • Song, Lyrics or poem
  • Funny phrases
  • Significant quotes or signs

How many letters can you have engraved on the wedding band?

The inside of most wedding bands are able to feature around 30 characters including spaces, so, unfortunately, you cannot have all of your vows or an epic love poem added to your rings.  

What type of band is perfect for engraving?

A wide plain band works best for engravings as the jeweller who specialises in jewellery making in Canberra can have more space to work with to add the characters, but there is a new trend for having engravings added to diamonds themselves. This type of engravings can be done only by experienced and reputed jewellers like Exquisite Jewellers, but the engraving will not be visible to the naked eye. The metal of the ring is also an important factor. A softer metal like gold is easier to engrave, but it may wear away quicker over time when you wear it regularly. Platinum is a good choice for engraving, as the hard wearing metal lasts for a long time and is also scratch resistant.  

What is the cost for special engravings?

The cost is usually based on the number of characters in the inscription, the font used, and whether it will be engraved by hand or machine. Machine engraving tends to be cheaper while hand-engraving is usually expensive but adds a special hand-forged feel. The price of the inscription on the actual diamond varies depending on the carat weight of the diamond.

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