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Everyone dreams about a grand and special engagement, the red-letter day in their life which they will cherish even years after. However, engagement is incomplete without the special engagement ring. With plenty of options open for you, there’s no end to the limits. While the simple solitaire ring might be the classic choice, you can also think something different and gift your lady a colored stone that shines with a spark. Dazzling engagement rings in Canberra can make her day, and nothing can be better for you than the broadest smile on her face.

Engagement Ring Trends You Can Closely Follow


If your woman loves colored stone, nothing can be better than Sapphire. Diamonds might be the most appealing stone in the market, but with time it has now become a cliché. Also, a diamond will not give you many options to explore. Do you remember the 12-carat sparkler that Kate Middleton flaunted in her engagement? You can easily make out the royal affinity towards the stone and can guess how special is your lady love going to feel the moment you gift her a blue stone symbolizing togetherness, and faithfulness.


It’s okay if you do not have enough budget, but you must not compromise with your engagement ring. There’s no limiting your desire to gift your lady something pretty on the special day. What if you can’t afford a diamond, you have morganite; the rose form of Beryl. They come in a broad array of pastel pink hues and won’t cost you much to get bankrupt.

Few More Alternative to Diamonds

Who says nothing can replace diamond? Ask your jeweler, and they’ll put in front various colorful stones which you’ve never seen before. You can never run out of option once you’ve got a reputed jewelry store like Exquisite Jewelers. There’s moissanite, the gray sapphires, and white topaz, all of which looks like a diamond but are less expensive.

Old is the new Gold

If you ever go through any of the English classic films, you can get an idea of where the inspiration of elaborate design comes. The Victorian art has always been celebrated over the ages, and it has even left an impression in the jewelry design as well. With an heirloom quality, there’s no chance you can go wrong with an engagement ring. Leave glamor; your beloved will get a timeless piece that she’ll never want to part with.

Double It Up with Double Shanks

A diamond is good, but diamonds are better in any way. If your fiancée gives an ‘awww’ for a diamond, here’s how to melt her heart with multiple bands of a diamond. Make your engagement ring twice as pretty and give an architectural feel to it. Fashionable jewelry never gets old, and even you find archaic designs, they’ll still give you a contemporary feel.

Hexagonal Halo

The conventional ring of pave diamonds encircling a stone has always been the favorites for women, but the jewelers have now given a fresh start. Trying out with several other geometric shapes gives a fresh feel to the bridal standby ring. The sharp angles of a hexagonal halo provide a modern feel to the conventional pattern and gives an enhancing feel to the stone at the center.

The Twisted Setting

Even if the name doesn’t suggest one, this has been the favorites of the traditional brides. To give a new age look and feel, a sleek and twisted band around a gorgeous stone can make it much better. A plain and straightforward band has already been in fashion, and the sight demanded some change. A bit of twist on the band can add to the beauty of your ring finger any time.

Stacking Bands

This has been an obsession for the fashionable women of the 21st century. Why? Just because of its customizable nature, and you can pile on as many bands you want, one above the other without compromising the cool-girl look to any chance. This uniquely designed engagement ring has got two crown shaped bands, where one fits the other and form a large ring. If you want your lady to flaunt the regal design, suggest her to wear it as a single piece. But if the ornate look attracts her more, she can club the two pair of rings and wear it together.

Are you still not satisfied with the options out there for you? Just visit the Exquisite Jewelry gallery or hit at their store, and you can find one of your choices. However, they have been designing some of the exquisite engagement rings Canberra in the real sense, and their reputation in the market speaks a lot about their service. If you’re planning for the D-Day, allow Exquisite Jewelers to be a part of the plan too. They promise you to make your day special.

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