Precious Gemstones To Enrich Your Jewellery Collection

Gemstones have prominent references in human history, myths, and legends. Since the establishment of civilisation, humans have been fascinated by the beauty of gemstones and other stone jewellery. Some of these stones are believed to have special powers and abilities to bring fortune in life. Apart from these, they share common beauty and exquisiteness. Each gemstone has a unique feature and colour combination depending on its birthplace and background. Precious stones are available in multiple colours and sometimes are compared with the hues of the rainbow. They are found and gathered from all the corners of the world. Each gemstone is a unique creation of nature. Hence, they are invaluable and precious. Some of the exclusive and popular gemstones are adored and preserved by people throughout the world; while others are recently discovered. If you want one of these precious elements in your treasure trove, you can go for Gemstone Sale in Canberra and choose a coloured stone to enrich your jewellery collection.

EXQUISITE JEWELLERS can help you select the gemstone best for you. You can ask our executives about the colours of gemstones that will suit your jewellery. There are a whole lot of things that you need to know when you select a gemstone for your jewellery. Keep reading to explore the world of vibrant and colourful gemstone jewellery:


If you love the science of light and its refraction in stone, you should go for an Alexandrine stone. No other gemstone changes colour as beautifully as Alexandrine. It is also referred to as colour-change gem. When it is seen in broad daylight, it gives a hue of cool bluish mossy green.  When it is brought indoors and seen in the lamplight, it becomes warm raspberry in colour. You can experience the magic of colour change and watch the stone flick colours back and forth. From fluorescent to incandescent, the stone gives the radiance of several colours. The cost of these gemstones increases with distinct colour changes. The spectacular colour changes are truly mesmerizing. You may feel the magic and mystery ascribed to Alexandrine stone. If stories are to be believed, these stones are known to strengthen creativity and imagination. These gemstones were originated in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the year the 1830s. You can also find them in other parts of the world like East Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. These gems are quite rare and valuable.


Amethyst has a huge historical background and various myths related to it. People in ancient Greece and Rome used to believe that Amethyst could ward off the strong and intoxicating power of Bacchus. Thus, whoever wore the stone would remain clear-headed and quick-witted. For centuries now, amethyst has been associated with numerous anecdotes and myths. It also has religious significance in various cultures. The beautiful hues of colours and unique shapes have made them popular throughout the world. People adore the beauty of these gems and like to treasure them. It is available in different shapes and sizes. Experienced Jewellers in Canberra can guide you through the process of gemstone selection. They can help you select the best one for you. Amethyst can be set both in yellow and white metals as it complements them both. An amethyst can enhance your look every time you wear it.

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