Know Five Broad Categories Of Jewellery Making

Jewellery making can be a fun-filled activity for people who are creative and have a good understanding of precious stones and gems. However, you cannot start making jewellery all of a sudden with no experience and knowledge. Like many other fields, you need to learn the basics before moving on to the advanced levels of Jewellery Making in Canberra. In short, you need to make your foundation strong to build a beautiful tower on it.

The jewellery making techniques have continually changed since the skill was first discovered. The intricate patterns crafted out of precious metals, beads, and stones have been inspiring jeweller makers since ages. With the introduction of cutting edge technologies, the jewellers make use of different mechanisms to improve the jewellery making strategies. No matter how advanced the technology becomes, you need to learn the basics of jewellery making.

Mentioned below are the five broad categories of jewellery making that have been in practice since ages:

Bead Stringing Techniques:

If the pages of history are deciphered carefully, you will find out that the beaded jewellery is the most ancient kind of jewellery. Therefore, a lesson in bead stringing form is an integral part of the jewellery making process. You should learn both traditional and advanced techniques of knotting beads as essential parts of bead stringing lesson. You may need the skill while crafting Custom Design Jewellery. You should know how to cover your crimp beads and end the work with finishing techniques and lot more. Skilled and professional jewellers like Exquisite Jewellers can help you learn this jeweller is making techniques with utmost care.

Metal Clay Techniques:

You can learn metal clay techniques if you want to learn ornament making.  Metal clay can be used in several ways to craft some intricate and aesthetic pieces of jewellery. Firing clay method, texturing metal clay, rolling and stamping the clay, and stuff are some of the essential techniques you need to learn if you want to build a career in the industry.

Wire Work Techniques:

If you go with the trend, you will find that wired jewellery is quite in demand. Although the style of ornament is traditional, people all over the world are enamoured by the exotic and beautiful look of these ornaments. If you are thinking of taking jewellery making endeavour to be your mainstream profession, you should learn wirework method with full dedication. There is a host of different ways and fields under the broad category of wire jewellery making which you need to learn with close attention. Some of these critical fields are Looping wires, Crafting briolette pendants, Solving jump ring issues efficiently, Wire knitting, and others.

Fabrication Techniques:

If you don’t know how to handle the metal, you are not a good jeweller. Fabrication lesson is as valuable as the other methods. You need to learn the technique to manage the jewellery metal like a professional. Fabrication includes everything from oxidisation to using modern jewellery tools to give jewellery exclusive look and appearance.

You can also venture to learn the techniques used to craft hand-made jewellery. These ornaments are unique and innovative. They have a great future and prospect in the jewellery making industry.

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