How to Take Care of Gemstones

Gems are available in different colours and they do have a life. The external appearance drives women crazy to purchase it. It brings out the sheer beauty and charm of a woman by making them feel proud. Gemstone sale in Canberra is becoming popular among clients for its unique design and affordability.

  • Tips on Caring

Adornments are cherished accessories and it adds to the personality of a lady. It is stated that you should take care while cleaning and wearing gemstones to maintain its shine and lustre for a long time. The following things that need to be considered are:

  • Heat and Light

The harmful rays of sun damage the gemstone colour and durability. With time they may even fade as these delicate materials need to be handled with care.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

These are used by professional jewellers like Exquisite Jewellers for cleaning it in a safe manner. This cleaning method ensure that surface is cleaned in an adequate manner. They do not remove the coating present and view temperature.

  • Storage

A gemstone should be stored properly when not using. It should not be kept in a drawer as it could develop scratches. The box in which it is kept should be padded to protect them.

When to take it off?

The jewellery pieces worn regularly are the ones which are short lived. The gemstone jewellery could have a long life but, certain conditions have to be avoided. They are:

Sweating Out – jewellery should not be taken inside the gym. The grime and sweat impacts the condition of gemstones.

Getting Ready – Conditioner, shampoo, lotion, hairspray and perfume should be avoided. It ruins gemstones and adopt a habit of putting it on after you get ready.

Chores – Performing laundry, washing dishes and housework exposes them towards harsh chemicals and making them susceptible to alter beauty.

Swimming – Chemicals present in the pool damage the shine

The Beach – A combination of sand, sunscreen and sweat is bad for gemstone clarity and shine. It makes them discolour and abrasive in texture removing its polish.

Gemstones should not be cleaned regularly as the polish becomes dull. After wearing it for a long time it needs cleaning and washing. The followings things should not be used:

  • A toothbrush has hard bristles that may make the surface rough. The gemstones will lose sparkle and lustre if it is cleaned with a toothbrush regularly.
  • Avoid scrubbing instead rub it with soft cloth by dipping the cloth in dish soap.

The two important elements required for gemstone sale in Canberra are authenticity and quality.

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