How to Maintain and Repair Jewellery?
Preserve the lustre, beauty and sparkle of exquisite jewellery for many years with proper maintenance and timely repair work. Appropriate handling and good storage conditions can make your jewellery retain its shine and value for generations. It is always best to go to professional jewellery cleaners for annual cleaning as that will ensure better cleaning of the jewellery. Many jewellers who provide jewellery repairs in Canberra provide reliable jewellery maintenance and restoration services at affordable prices so that your jewellery keeps sparking for ages. Things to keep in mind to protect jewellery from regular wear and tear
  • Store jewellery properly in jewellery pouches, jewellery trees or organisers and jewellery cases to ensure that the jewellery is in pristine condition and do not get damaged.
  • Regularly clean your diamond and gems with care with a clean toothbrush or jewellery brush and avoid harsh chemicals or detergents so that they do not lose the sparkle.
  • Wipe your gold, silver and platinum jewellery cleanly after use with jewellery cleaning clothes, flannel or microfiber and avoid using tissue paper or paper towels.
  • Do not expose pearls to any cosmetics and toiletries as that might damage to the delicate nacre coating of a pearl and avoid cleaning the pearl with chemical abrasives or cleaners.
  • Keep your expensive watches free from dirt, sweat and oil by cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth, skin oil, water, soap, etc. according to the material of the watchband.
Jewellery Repairs Even your expensive jewellery may require repair from time to time. Some of the common jewellery repairs services include ring sizing, mountings, bracelet repair, stone replacement, necklace repair, clasp replacement, full refurbishment, retipping prongs and more. Things to keep in mind before you consider repairing your jewellery
  • It is always better to maintain your jewellery better so that repair jobs are not necessary as some of the jewellery repairs are expensive and might lessen the value of the jewellery.
  • Check for referrals and reviews of the jeweller before you consider doing the repairs from to ensure the safety of your precious jewellery.
  • Thoroughly research the price quoted by your jeweller before investing the amount in repairing it and ensuring that the prices are quoted from a price book and not randomly.
  • Know in detail the jewellery take-in procedure when the jeweller explains the repair procedure and ensure that the issues with the jewellery are being well documented using descriptions.
  • Check the repaired jewellery thoroughly after the repair work in done to ensure that the job is done properly and only then accept the piece of jewellery.
Exquisite Jewellers offers reliable and excellent jewellery repairs in Canberra along with other services like Gemstone sale, Diamond sales, Unique jewellery design, Watch sales & repairs, Pearl and bead restringing, Jewellery restorations and more. Get your jewellery inspected regularly to check the setting for issues like bent, broken or worn prongs, the loose stone which might need tightening and more.

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