How to Customize Your Engagement Ring?
Solemnize your beautiful relationship with the perfect customized engagement ring by choosing the metal, setting, design and stone on your own. The unique customized ring will be as unique as your relationship so it is not a bad idea to design your own engagement ring. It often happens that you like the design of the band of one ring and the stone of another ring and may be the setting of another one. Your entire dilemma will end when you plan to buy a custom ring as you can have the ring of your imagination in reality. Exquisite Jewellers offers you the most exquisite custom engagement rings in Canberra along with a plethora of other services.

Select a reliable and credible jeweller

This is the most vital point to be kept in mind when you consider buying a custom engagement ring from a well-known and reliable jeweller. A notable and trustworthy jeweller will provide you GIA report or some other certification from authorized institutions.

Order early

Always order the ring to be made about 2 months before the engagement day or anniversary day. The whole process of making a custom ring takes more than a month so it is better to plan early and have the ring ready before the D-day.

Fix a budget for the diamond

Decide on a budget and then start finding the perfect diamond for your ring. The price of the diamond depends on the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of the diamond and the brilliance of the diamond depends on symmetry, proportions, and polish of the diamond.

Consider different ring settings

You have to decide if you like halos with sharp lines or round lines. The jeweller will also need to know the width of the ring or ask for photographs of the ring you want to make so that they get an idea before committing to make your custom engagement ring.

Select the metal and the shape of the diamond

The color of the ring is one of the most attractive aspects of the engagement ring so the metal of the ring matters a lot. The most popular metal for engagement rings is gold, white gold, silver, and platinum.

Include engraving

Engravings will add an essential personal touch to your engagement ring that you will cherish for a lifetime. You can include your wedding date or your name initials with a personal message engraved on the ring. Engravings are normally done on the inside of the ring band but you can also do it on the other side if your jeweler approves.

Make custom engagement rings in Canberra and become the proud owner of unique engagement rings that will remind you of your love for ages. Exquisite jewellers is known for creating one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings that are superior examples of craftsmanship.

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