How to Choose Wedding Rings for Men

The wedding is considered to be one of the most special events in our lives. Wedding Ring is considered to be the eternal symbol of love and devotion. It is a task to select the perfect ring for the groom, one that will fit into his fingers seamlessly and also look good. The following tips will be handy in case you are planning to gift one to your fiancee or to a friend or relative. Get a master jeweller to design it for you.

Cost – It is important to evaluate first how much you can really afford to spend on a ring before hitting the jewellery shop. This will make the process much easier and faster for you as well as the shop owner. On entering the shop, you should tell the salesperson at the counter about your budget so that he or she can show you only the ones which fit within your range. Tungsten, silver and palladium are cost effective options whereas rings made of gold, platinum and titanium belong to the higher end group.

The lifestyle of the Groom – An in-depth study of the groom’s lifestyle is important to get a ring for him. It is important to see whether his workplace only permits him to wear rings made up of a particular metal. The demands of a mechanic or someone working in a factory with machinery will be different. At times people might have tough hobbies like gardening or deep sea diving, hence in that case you need to get him a ring made up of a durable metal. The following guide will help you to freeze upon the one that will suit the groom’s lifestyle:

o Silver: Silver is often preferred by many as it is quite cheap than other metals. o However, one should also keep in mind that silver is not that durable o Gold: Lower carat gold is much more durable than higher ones as it alloyed with stronger metals. A 14-carat-gold ring is a much saner choice than a fancy 18-carat-one as the former will be able to endure a lot. Gold is available in multiple colours like yellow, white, rose, bronze, peach, red and lime gold. Out of all yellow, white and rose are the most popular ones.

o Platinum : This is a durable one but it is quite expensive and heavy. As platinum bands or rings are heavy men might find it difficult to wear it throughout the day.

o Palladium : Palladium is cheap and can serve as a good alternative to platinum. It is both durable and light

o Tungsten : This is a pocket-friendly option and at the same time is quite durable too. It is important to get the right kind as tungsten carbide alloys are resistant to scratches whereas other alloys might get scratches easily

o Ceramic : Ceramic is a popular choice as it is durable and cheap. At times ceramic is alloyed with tungsten to make it more durable and stylish.

o Titanium : Titanium is durable than platinum and is lighter too. It is often compared to steel in terms of its strength.

Groom’s taste – As the groom will be wearing the ring throughout the rest of his life it is important to choose something that will match both his taste and personality. Many prefer plain wedding rings whereas many prefer ones with intricate work. A solitaire looks classy and enhances the personality of men.

Professional Sizing; an essential part – Sizing is a complimentary service offered by all jewellers so there is no reason for skipping an essential step. The ring should fit in perfectly on the groom’s finger and if you skip this step then it will be a pretty risky business. Resizing is not only cost intensive but also involves a lot of hassles. Moreover, titanium and ceramic rings cannot be resized. Hence to prevent problems it is important to opt for a professional sizing.

The Bride and Groom’s rings should sync with each other – The couple’s rings should sync with each other. Both the rings should look good together. It is important to see the metal, stone, width and the work on the ring carefully and see whether the groom’s ring is complimenting the bride’s ring and vis-a-vis.

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