How to Choose the Perfect Engagement or Wedding Ring?

There is something incredibly magical and romantic about a wedding. But a wedding is not complete without a beautiful engagement ring. It is difficult to express the emotions of the wedding day into words. A wedding or engagement ring is something that you are going to wear for the rest of your lifetime. Time, planning, anticipation, and a little anxiety usually go into selecting the perfect diamond ring for your partner.

An engagement or wedding ring is not merely a piece of jewellery but is a token of love that the wearer is going to cherish life-long. There are many options when it comes to wedding ring design, whether you are looking for a traditional, heritage or a fancy wedding ring crafted by a master jeweller. When choosing your dream wedding or engagement ring style, it is advised that your wedding ring metal matches that of your engagement ring. Diamond is often the most preferred choice for engagement and wedding rings, but if you are looking for a unique ring, you can opt for other fascinating stones like opal, moissanite, sapphire, etc.

Here we will discuss some useful tips to help you buy a ring for your partner:

Buy according to personality– If your partner spends a considerable amount of time outdoors or have a job where they have to make frequent use of their hands, then it is advised to go for hard metals like platinum to avoid any damage. If your partner is bold and has a penchant for understated style, then a thin band is just perfect for him or her, whereas a thick band or one containing a diamond is ideal for those who would like something a little more elaborate.


Choose the Right Metal– It is important to consider which metal is best for the everyday activities that your partner partakes in as some are more durable than others. Nothing works better for as an engagement ring than metals like white gold, palladium and platinum. Depending on the requirements you have, you can go for a white, yellow or rose gold ring in the 9ct alloy which will ensure durability as well as be economical.


Go for Jewel Encrusted Rings- According to a renowned master jeweller, this type of ring is in trend at present as they have adapted to the design that is more suitable for both men and women. If you want to go for a diamond-encrusted ring, keep in mind that the key factor in the beauty of a diamond is its cut. The better the cut, the better the shine and reflection of light.  Most pieces include a diamond, but are overall not too flashy, with predominantly platinum, palladium and white gold as materials. You can also customise the design of the ring with the material you prefer.

The wedding and the engagement rings are your symbol of marriage, union, and partnership; it sets the tone for the beginning of a formalized relationship. Couples often feel confused when choosing engagement or wedding rings with so many new ideas to choose from.

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