How to Choose the Best Gemstone Using 4Cs Method

Buying a jewelry involves understanding of so many things at a time. Apart from the metal that you choose to buy a jewelry, it is also important to note that you are buying the perfect gemstone. Is this making you worried? We have a solution to your problem and a detailed description of identifying gemstones.

At Exquisite Jewellery we offer in-house gemologist to assist you in the process. You must have come across the term “4Cs” used for the identification of diamonds. Let’s take a look at the identification procedure before you invest in to Gemstone sale in Canberra:

The 4Cs Method: Color:

While you are buying a gemstone make sure you take a look at the color; seek assistance of the salesperson in explaining you the color differences. The most important element that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a gemstone is its color. Every gemstone has a color range specific to its occurrence. The vivid the color, the more pleasing it is. The purest form of gemstone will exhibit rareness in its rich color and will of course turn out to be most expensive one.


After you are convinced with the uniqueness of the color, you can now look for the cut of the gemstone. While describing the beauty of precious stone this factor ranks second! Scintillation and brilliance is what offers the faceted gemstone a livelier display of light and color. This is possible only when the gemstone has a pleasing shape. The distribution of the brilliance all through the face of gem and no dark lifeless areas make sure that the gem is pure and worth investing. You should also look for washed out zones; if you find any, you can immediately reject the stone and look for some other options.


Look for clarity features in a gemstone after you are convinced with both color and cut of the same. This is one of the most important identification features that is used for colored gems. You can seek help from the salesperson to understand the clarity in case you do not know the same. If the salesperson denies to answer your queries or do not provide a proper answer, you can directly walk out of the store. Natural gem exhibits clarity thus helping you making a decision.


There is a wide range of size specifications that are available when it comes to colored gems. Some of the gem offers you limitation like you can hardly find a 10 carat ruby whereas finding a 10 carat topaz is no big deal.

Therefore, make sure you gather enough knowledge before you dive in to the decision of buying a gemstone. Check out the gemstone collection of the store you are visiting and conduct a thorough research. To avoid errors, you can also take the reference of friends, family and acquaintances who have already taken the servicesGemstone sale in Canberra for astrological needs keeps in mind that the precious element works in holistically and also in a balanced way. So, what are you waiting for, visit Exquisite Jewellery for more information and select from our wide range of services!

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