Jewellers all over the world have witnessed the most transitions in diamonds shapes over the few years. Celebrities wear diamonds in different styles which inspire the mass to experiment with different shapes of diamonds. According to jewellers in Canberra, the most popular shape of the diamond is the classic round shape. The cushion shape and the princess shape diamonds have been a constant favourite of diamond lovers for the past couple of years.

Understand the difference between diamond shape and diamond cut

The shape of the diamond simply refers to the outline shape of the diamond that we can view from the top. Some of the most popular diamond shapes are oval, round, pear, princess, etc.

The diamond cut refers to the symmetry and the measurement of the diamond. The diamond cut determines how much the diamond will sparkle so it has a vital impact on the appearance and diamond quality.

These are the most popular diamond shapes that have managed to keep up with the ever-changing taste of the consumers:

Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are the most popular and classic shape of diamonds till date. This diamond cut provides superb flexibility within the four C’s due to its symmetrical balance and also offers great brilliance. This is the most preferred choice of couples for engagement rings or anniversary gifts because of its flexibility and ability to blend well with all kinds of the surrounding.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamond is also known as pillow cut diamond and is offers a blend of modern design as well as timeless charm. The round corners and larger facets are the reason behind its extraordinary brilliance and clarity of appearance. Cushion cut diamonds are available in two shapes, they are rectangle and square.

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval cut Diamond is a noticeable variation from the classic round cut diamond that has caught diamond lovers’ fancy. The brilliance of oval cut diamonds is equivalent to round cut diamonds so it is a popular choice for engagement rings. If you like the classic round cut diamond and want something unique then oval cut diamond is just perfect for you.

Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear shaped diamond resembles a pure and sparkling drop of water and has been on the must-have list of diamond lovers. It is a combination of the round and marquise cut diamond with a pointed tip. This diamond shape offers brilliance and versatility in a single piece.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most sorts after choice for engagement rings after the round cut diamonds. This diamond is quadrilateral in nature, possesses a pattern of 49 facets and has sharp edges that add up to the brilliance of the precious stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise cut diamond is a favourite of celebrities who want to portray the vintage look. This shape maximises carat weight by putting emphasis on the size of the diamond and creates a unique shape. It also creates an illusion of larger size due to its narrow and long appearance.

The most important thing to ask Jewellers is if the diamond comes with a certificate. The grading certificate should be issued by a renowned institute like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGS), etc. Jewellers in Canberra offer authentic gemstones and diamonds at fair prices and custom designs. If you are looking for a custom diamond engagement ring that will be a symbol of love for your partner then avail the services of Exquisite Jewellers to make your dream come to reality.

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