Guide to Identify Real Gemstones
Gemstones are precious and naturally beautiful so they don’t need treatments or enhancements. Fake or synthetic gemstones may sparkle more but don’t get allured only by the sparkle. Many jewellers offer gemstone sale in Canberra and provide you discounts on the gemstones but you need to be cautious while buying precious stones as they can easily fool you with imitation or simulated stones and claim that they are real. Jewellers who provide you with GIA (Gemological Institute of America Appraisal) certification for the gemstones are selling real gemstones. Gemstones are worn for astrological purpose and also for beauty or other purposes.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Gemstone

• The most important thing to consider while investing on gemstones is finding a reliable gemstone dealer who has trustworthy credentials.
• Gain knowledge and become aware of gemstones so that you know important facts and can ask gemstone dealers the right questions.
• Look for dependable lab certifications from well-known gem labs that will prove the authenticity of your gemstone.
• Check the scientific name of the gemstone and ensure that the gemstone is real and not synthetic or treated.
• Feel the surface of the stone and check if it is rough or of sandy texture as real gemstones have smooth surfaces.
• Check if the gemstone is easily malleable as real gemstones don’t get bent or reshaped they can be only shaped through cutting or fracturing and has a fixed surface that cannot be altered by only pressure.
• Check the hue, saturation, tone, transparency and specific gravity of the stone and say away from the stone if it has uneven colouring.

How to identify fake gemstones?

A fake gemstone may look like an actual gemstone in all respect even though they are artificial. Stones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, turquoise, lapis are mainly imitated as several treatments are available that make the artificial stones look like natural gemstones. Check for the following signs to know that the stones are fake and not real.
• The surface of a fake gemstone is indented and uneven and looks more like an orange peel.
• Natural gemstones are heavier compared to the fake one.
• Flow lines that look like swirl marks are often visible in imitation gemstones.
• Round gas bubbles which can be large or small in size are seen inside a fake gemstone.

Where can you find real gemstones?

Gemstones are extremely rare substances and are quite valuable. Buying a gemstone is an investment so research thoroughly before deciding of a gem. Exquisite Jewellers offers the most diverse range of gemstone sale in Canberra that attracts buyers from all over the UK. Avail their offers and treat yourself with extravagant and genuine gemstones.

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