Guide To Buying Premium Quality Second Hand Jewellery

Many consumers think that second hand jewellery is far from luxurious or that since the pieces are second hand, they look cheap and tacky. However they cannot be more wrong, pre-owned jewellery is perfect for those who want to find a unique and interesting piece of jewellery, which reflects history and glamour. Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring or you are just looking to invest in some fine jewellery, one of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing between new and second hand.

How to ensure the authenticity of second hand jewellery?

In order to get value for your money, when purchasing second hand jewellery, it is important that you establish the authenticity of your item before the final transaction to avoid disappointment later, or if you choose to resell the item at a later date.

If you decide to buy second hand jewellery in Canberra from a private seller, you need to choose a reputable and reliable seller. At Exquisite Jewellers we are proud to have an in-house team of expert gemologists who hold the necessary qualifications to check the authenticity of second hand jewellery.

Here are a few important factors that must be kept in mind while checking the authenticity of pre owned jewellery, and spotting fake products:

Stamp or hallmark – When buying second hand jewellery always check for stamps that will state the carat of metal including yellow gold and white gold. If the jewellery item is second hand silver jewellery, the item will be stamped as well.

Brand marks – Many reputed jewellery brands stamp their jewellery with a hallmark, so look for the hallmark when buying a second hand branded jewellery item.

Magnet test – To check how genuine the metal is or to check the purity of gold, customers must try doing the magnet test. Real gold will not stick to a magnet. Jewellers will use more scientific methods such as an acid test to check the purity of the metal.

Purchase from a reputable jeweller – We recommend leaving authenticity checks to the experts, purchasing from reputable jewellers like Exquisite Jewellers who have a wide selection of second hand jewellery, you can have peace of mind that the products are genuine.

While there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both new and second hand jewellery, it depends on multiple factors as to what is the right choice for you.

Second hand Jewellery at Exquisite Jewellers

Exquisite Jewellers specialise in preloved jewellery and second hand watches including rings, luxury watches, gemstone jewellery and more. Customers can have complete peace of mind and confidence when buying or selling second hand jewellery in Canberra to Exquisite Jewellers.

At Exquisite Jewellers we offer a premium range of second hand jewellery in a variety of metals including gold, platinum, silver and more. When it comes to reliable style and value for money, Exquisite Jewellers is your one-stop shop for all your jewellery requirements. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or an elegant everyday necklace, we also stock everything from stunning engagement rings to pendants and necklaces.

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