Gemstones That Have Been Winning Our Hearts Since Ages

Gemstones are actually the gifts of nature that not only accessorise our fashion choice but also bring charm and positivity in our lives. These precious stones are made of mineral crystals and are cut, shaped and polished so that we can enjoy the reflection of its inherent colour and light. The use of gemstones in the jewellery and other decorative items is quite popular. While some of them are popular for representing beauty, some have astrological significance.

Like diamond, gemstones are used to accessorise different types of jewellery including necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings. Although there are over 130 types of different gemstones on the earth, we use few of them in our jewellery pieces. Find out some authentic jewellery stores to avail gemstone sale in Canberra where you would find different types of these stones as mentioned below –

Let’s start out discussion on popular gemstones with one of the most popular gemstones. We are taking about none other than ruby, which has been appreciated for its utter beauty and unique look since ages. This bright red and magnificent gemstone represents the everlasting friendship and love. It is a perfect piece of gemstone to be fashioned with any jewellery.

The beauty of opal is different from other stones when you keep it in light. The gemstone symbolises loyalty and fidelity as it reflects and sparkles differently. It is commonly used in the pendants and earrings.

If you are looking for some rare kind of stone, emerald can be your best pick. Due to its intense and unusual green colour, the emerald gemstones are extremely popular throughout the world. You need to handle the stone carefully because this gemstone can easily receive damage. But this gemstone is perfect to don your look since it adds a sense of royalty and enigma.

The discussion of gemstone would never be completed without mentioning about sapphire. This extremely popular gemstone is available in a wide range of colours and shades. Among them, the most common one is blue that looks exceptionally elegant. On the other hand, pink sapphire is thought to be the most sophisticated gemstone as it can perfectly complement the skin ton of a woman.

Apart from these four types, other popular gemstones include amethyst, pearl, turquoise, aquamarine and topaz. Gemstones are not as expensive as diamonds but they bring the same sparkling factor to any jewellery pieces. Therefore, these are extremely popular among the jewellery wearers throughout the world. Make sure that you shop only the authentic gemstone from a reputable store like Exquisite Jewellers.

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