Gemstone Purchase Guide for the Beginners
Different types of gemstones have been in use for centuries as icons and symbols of several things. The ancient Romans used jewellery with stones with the belief that they carry supernatural healing powers. The Egyptians, on the other hand, buried the dead with rubies and turquoise. The gemstones are available in multiple shapes and colours. Ranging from the popular stones to the comparatively less popular ones, the gemstones show off the ability of nature to create beauty in multiple forms and shapes. If you are new to purchasing the gemstones, here is a guide to help you out. Clarity Ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald are the prime precious stones found today. They are rare and thus quite valuable as well. All other stones are a part of the semi-precious group. The clear stones are prized higher than the darker ones. Always look for clarity while purchasing a precious stone. Cut The cut of a gemstone casts an impact on the appearance. The cut refers to the way the stone looks on reacting with light. While on the lookout for gemstone for sale in Canberra, remember that the well-cut stones would come with a consistent colour and an even sparkle when light hits it. If a part of the stone appears to be washed out or blackened, the cut grade is far from being ideal. Do not confuse the cut of the gemstone with its shape. The term shape refers to the outward appearance of the stone. Colour The more expensive gemstones enjoy a bright and a rich colour. They are neither too light nor too dark. Some stones appear different under different artificial lights. Note that the imitation gems and the laboratory created gems tend to appear clearer than the naturally formed gems. If you are looking for a gemstone that is to be set in your necklace, bracelet or any other piece of jewellery, remember that all available stones are not suitable. The stones come with a hardness rating. While some stones are very soft, others are hard. Some stones are too soft and are not fit to be used on a daily basis. Some jewellery settings are also more protective than others. Make sure to check the hardness rating before purchasing gemstones.

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