Four Classic Jewellery Pieces That Every Woman Should Own

Just like any other women, you too may have a deep fascination with jewellery. Not all jewellery are created to look the same, and each of them carry immense style and grace. Take a glimpse of all the jewellery pieces you need to have in your bijoux box:

  1. A pair of diamond earrings

Some of you may agree on the fact that a diamond necklace is a must-have piece and one can sport it well with a heavy embroidered gown. But most of the time, what happens is the diamond neck piece may look too over the board and in such cases just a pair of tiny diamond studs or delicate danglers would complement your style.

Diamond earrings look great when you are going for a business meeting or a brunch. These earrings are certainly a perfect jewellery to wear for outings and it will make you look absolutely beautiful and dressy for events.

  1. A pair of pearl earrings

Pearl earrings add diversity in your everyday earring choice. You can buy a pair of pearl studs or danglers with gold clasps at the back, which would stand as a simple yet iconic alternative amongst your earring collections.

Pearls help you look calm and composed if that is the kind of style you tend to opt for on a regular basis. You can easily pair such earrings with your casual wear.

  1. Simple and stylish bracelets

Bracelets come in different shapes and sizes and they add immense style. You can opt for a pendant bracelet, a simple clasp bracelet or a tennis bracelet depending upon your clothing and mood. You can sport a single bracelet and keep your overall look extremely casual, or club a couple of them to look dressy.

  1. A pendant necklace and earring set

You can go for special custom design jewellery and get a delicate pendant chain and a pair of earrings matching to the pendant crafted by a well-trained jeweller. The pendant could be your favourite gemstone, attached to a pretty bail which would go over a well-made chain. Some chains would come along with a stylish clip-like clasp and which would sit at the back of the nape of your neck perfectly.

Many of you may ask why it is so essential to treasure such pieces. The answer to this is simple, you can buy these pieces and wear them on different occasions. Some are extremely lightweight and will enhance your overall outfit easily. If you have the tendency to dress casually, then just a pair of earrings or a beautiful delicate neck piece will give that flawless charm to your personality, undoubtedly.

Contact Exquisite Jewellers, a reputable brand which specialises in both, design and complexity and offers unique jewellery pieces with every collection. The skilled jewellers bring to you special custom design jewellery studded with precious gems stones which would add a glorious look on women who are confident to express their individual style statement.

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