Exclusive Earrings Women Should Own In Their Bijoux Box

There is no single way to pick the right jewellery, but whenever you are perplexed and want to know what is best for you, then you need to go minimal. If you are one of those who remains a little sceptical about shopping for jewellery online, then you should visit reputable jewellery stores in Canberra. This will give you the opportunity to check the jewellery yourself, learn about its authentication and then make a final purchase.

Jewellery is essential and each of them differs in style and design. But if you want to know what are some exclusive pieces you need to have in your bijoux box, then here are some of them discussed below:

A pair of classic earrings

Pretty hoops and drop style earrings are different types of classic earrings that will never fall out of fashion. Women can choose to wear these earrings with any outfit and on an everyday basis. These earrings are available in gold, silver, rose gold and studded with diamonds and other precious gemstones. These earrings are not very big, they have an easy to open and lock clasp and are not heavy as well.

Stud Earrings

The stud earrings are smaller in size, they have neat lobes and are extremely lightweight. These gorgeous earrings can be worn with the strictest corporate dress code and they are sure to flatter your face. Men can even opt for these type of earrings and they are sure to look stylish in every way.

Long earrings or danglers

Long earrings create the illusion of a waterfall and they sparkle in the evening light. They look stunning on women who have a round shaped face, as they tend to balance the proportions of your face and neck. Long earrings studded with diamonds or ruby stones look beautiful and one can wear this piece of jewellery with flowy dresses and gowns.

Earrings and pendant set

A pair of earrings with a matching pendant set looks absolutely stunning in every way. One of the most popular amongst all is a pair of diamond earrings which could be worn alone without the chain pendant. Such a style can be flaunted if you are wearing a heavy embroidered gown and you may want to keep it minimal. Next, when sporting an off-shoulder dress or a short dress, you can wear just the delicate chain pendant except for the earrings.

There are numerous jewellery stores in Canberra that offers an array of well-crafted jewellery pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and others. Check out Exquisite Jewellers and go through their latest collection of contemporary jewellery which you can easily sport on any occasion or on a daily basis.

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