Engagement Rings Trends in Canberra

Canberra is also known as Australia’s capital city that boosts a fascinating mix of urban culture, forward-thinking attitude and of course its natural beauty. Rich in history and culture, the city provides a miniature portrait of the nation. The residents of Canberra love outdoor experiences, thriving local arts and foodie scenes along with its much-acclaimed cool-climate wineries evolved its surrounding area. Thanks to Canberra’s enviable location, that makes its residents cultural-minded with plenty of creative flair. It is also visible in their choice of engagement rings, as they tend to favour the unparalleled combination of classic elegance with distinctive details. The trends of engagement rings Canberra definitely set them apart.

Let’s share some observations about the latest trends on engagement rings in Canberra:

1. Modern Solitaires

Solitaire engagement rings always remain on the top choice for most couples in Canberra. These rings now come with a twist – combining classic styles with modern updates. The twisted prong set is considered as the timeless solitaire while another popular choice is the prong classic ring. The bezel setting solitaire rings are also popular for a very clean and contemporary style.

2. Delicate Vintage Designed Rings

Another popular trend for engagement ring is the classic design with a combination of subtly vintage inspired detailing. These rings usually come with intricate hand-graving and subtle borders. The sensational vintage-inspired rings produce a stunning effect while worn by the couples.

3. Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

No wonder, a large number of the engagement rings are inspired by the mesmerising outdoors of Canberra. Some of the hand-engraved rings feature a relief vine design wrapping the top of the band. If you prefer some heavily decorative design, the effervescent feather covered with diamonds would be your perfect choice.

4. Sapphire Engagement Rings

Compared to other parts of the country, the vibrant coloured sapphire engagement rings are more popular in Canberra. Most of the couples prefer to choose deep blue, pretty peach and alluring teal as their favourite colours for sapphire rings. If you are looking for a stunning engagement ring with a vibrant sapphire at its centre, the vintage-inspired sapphire ring should be your ideal pick.

5. Fancy Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Although a large number of Canberra couples lean towards classic styles when it comes to choose their engagement rings, some of them do choose some offbeat style away from the traditional round-centred diamond rings. At present, many couples like to select something fancy shaped diamond at the centre of the ring. For example, you may go with the romantic cushion cut, crisp cut diamonds and elegant emerald cut as these are especially sought after in Canberra.

Now that you have come to know about the latest trends on engagement rings Canberra, which one do you like to buy for your partner? Let us know by leaving your valuable comment!

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