Engagement Ring Trends Dominating the Market In 2019

Jewellery is integral to life and it may come as a little surprising but it is as changeable and finicky as any other area of fashion. Hence, jewellery trends keep on changing and 2019 is not an exception to that. You can find these changes in Diamond Ring Design Canberra as well.

The changes you need to know about – A number of changes are happening to ring design in general but like every other instance, most of the differences can be seen in engagement rings. Having a clear idea about these changes will help you to choose the perfect right for your significant other, which in turn will alleviate the nerves you are feeling during the quest. The trends that you need to know and keep an eye on are:

Fancy shaped diamond – Since 2018, diamonds in shapes such as pear, oval and cushion have gained popularity and 2019 is witnessing an extension of the same. Instead of the clean-cut round shape, people are now more inclined to invest in a fancy shaped diamond.

Finer detailing – Instead of heavy and intricate rings, people are opting for simpler ones. It seems that subtlety is the trend at present but that is not taking away from the fact that some finer and gallery detailing is being added to set the simpler pieces apart from the competition.

The three stone ring – Instead of a single stone or a number of smaller stones, the latest trend is concentrating on three stone setting. In most cases, the stone in the middle is the largest one and the accompanying ones are smaller but of substantial size too. The three stones used in the ring represent the past, present and future of the couple.

Yellow gold – Keeping up with the choices of the celebrity likings at the moment, more and more people are choosing yellow gold over platinum, white gold and other metals. The popularity of this variation of gold is on the rise.

Stacked and nested rings – The stacked look for the rings, especially by combining a number of them is a popular trend at the moment. Along with multiple rings, jewellers are now making individual rings with the stacked look.

Delicate and distinctive halos – Halos have been used to make the central diamond appear bigger than ever before. This is one of the biggest reasons that they are making such a powerful comeback. To keep up with the changing time though, the halos are being delicately designed which is giving them distinctive looks as well.

Asymmetric design – It’s been a long time that the traditional and symmetrical design has ceased to impress people. In search of something new and different, both designers and consumers are going for asymmetric and geometric designs. Due to this trend, the simplest of rings are gaining an impressively distinctive look.

Lab-made diamonds – Millennials are more interested in sustaining the environment and that is making them opt for lab-made diamonds instead of the real deal. As a result, the popularity and demand for sustainable and eco-conscious diamonds which won’t impact the environment negatively are growing.

So, whether you are about to buy an engagement ring or go for Jewellery Repairs Canberra to repurpose an old one, remembering the above-mentioned points will help.

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