Diamond Ring Designs That Can Help You Impress Your Princess Anytime

Of course, you know, the only way to make your engagement special is by gifting an expensive ring; and if you’re thinking of diamond, you’re smart enough. However, you might have thought by now to give her a surprise. But that’s a risky move, my friend, because purchasing engagement ring is not going to be that easy if you do not have any prior experience. Even though gifting a diamond ring is a fail-safe option, but you have to take some efforts if you want to impress your someone special.

As designer jewelry is slowly getting expensive with every passing day, even women are appraising the hard work and beauty. However, if you are looking for some exclusive diamond ring design in Canberra to gift to your beloved, Exquisite Jewellers is the safest name to refer to. Not only their experienced designers can guide you through the entire process of designing a unique piece of diamond ring, but will also educate you before you take such a crucial decision. They will be delicate, and when compared to the price you pay, the return on investment is pretty high. You can set the benchmark of love high with the latest designs in diamond rings prevalent in the industry.

Latest Designer Diamond Rings You Would Want to Know Before Buying Knowing the collection of diamond rings available will help you to make a better choice while buying an engagement ring.
  • The Designer Cocktail Diamond Ring

Regular shapes with the diamond rings are slowly going out of fashion. Even though the stone takes away most of the attention, people would still love to see some variety in the rings. The square web pattern on the top with beautiful pave diamond studs is what the women love nowadays. Also if you can add a perfectly round ball metallic tone right in between can make it the center of attraction.

  • Rose Flower Pave Diamond Ring

The rose-shaped diamond rings have always been an all-time favorite for the women. And if you do not want to take much risk while buying an engagement ring, petal studded with pave diamond can be the safest option for you. Not to mention, the classy touch never goes missed with white gold and a large diamond in between.

  • Pave Diamond Designer Ring

This is the classic princess cut found mostly in royal weddings. If you treat your beloved as your princess, why not gift her this royal piece? Standing as an embodiment of unique taste, this can be a perfect choice if you and your beloved loves to be a bit different. However, this is one piece which suits best for both men and women and can win any heart just at a glance.

  • Purple Stoned Diamond Ring

The purple stoned diamonds are not just about the royal look, but it’s the feminine look and feel that has always brought it close to the women’s heart. Generally, it’s the swan shaped rings with diamonds studded at the top which gives a splendid design, keeping the simplicity and sober touch intact within.

  • The Vintage Pearl Diamond Ring

This has been one of the archaic combinations while designing the diamond rings – and this is why pearl and diamond have always been a vintage collection for the classy women. However, the contemporariness is nowhere lost, and also the modern women prefer having the pearl diamond ring to add to their share of elegance. The large flower with its petals decorated with studded diamond and a pearl at the top gives a magnificent look that you cannot take your eyes off it.

  • Adjustable Diamond Rings

Customization is the new key in the fashion industry, and twisted designer diamond rings keep it at their core. Women have always loved them, and their affinity is equivocated in the latest styles and designs that the rings bear. The twisted ring form keeps a flower at the extreme ends, and diamond studs shine with its elegance to decorate the fingers of women.

It is the constant trial and error methods that have helped the designers come up with some of the exquisite diamond ring design in Canberra. However, it is the recurrent change in consumer preference and taste that has forced the designers to come up with something new every time. Beautiful shapes, elegant designs, impressive cuts all have decorated the engagement rings and have brought it closer to the women.

Only a diamond ring can add some sparkle to your life, why think twice before making the day special for your beloved? Also, the designer rings have always made classy outfits look better than ever. The complementary nature of this jewelry is not something new, but you can make it better just by designing an exquisite piece for your beloved on the D-day of your life.

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