Contemporary Diamond Ring Designs for Your Lady Love

Diamonds are precious gemstones, and they are said to be a girl’s best friend. Nowadays both men and women are fascinated by diamond jewellery pieces. In fact, diamonds and semi-precious stones – both have become an essential part of accessorizing.

You must have come across numerous ring settings and may not know which one to go for this season. Well, here are few ring style settings discussed below which will give you a hint about which one to go for in your next diamond ring purchase.

Solitaire setting – Solitaire settings are mainly prong style settings. In this type of setting, the center stone is mainly held by tiny claws. There are 4 to 6 claw-like features made onto the band of the ring. These claws tend to hold the large diamond in place. They also prevent the diamond from falling out. One of the best things about this type of setting is that it makes the gem appear prominently. This popular diamond ring design in Canberra is used for crafting engagement rings.

Tension setting – In this type of setting, there is slight tension created by the bands to hold the gemstone in place. The metal band runs in two separate strips, and a diamond is suspended between them. This kind of band is quite delicate, and it is difficult to craft as well. On the other hand, there lies no platform or claws to anchor the stone. Such rings are not for daily wear purposes.

Channel setting – This type of stone setting involves a secure method to set smaller sized diamonds in multiple rows onto the band of the ring. In this style, the diamonds are set to close to each other, and the sides of the band are decorated as well. Channel ring settings are quite popular as engagement rings. There are no prongs attached to the band, yet such rings showcase a secure design, and there are nil chances for the embedded stones to fall out.

Halo setting – In halo settings, the placement of the diamonds shows in a circle or square form around a center stone. This kind of setting usually makes the center stone appear larger. These rings look gorgeous, and one can opt for a colorful gemstone setting too.

Diamond rings used in different metals

Gemstones are finely cut and skillfully designed and given a unique shape. After this step, it is embedded into prepared metal moulds and left to set at a given temperature. Different gemstones and semi-precious stones have different properties. For this reason, some stones are only limited to gold and sterling silver but not other metals.

The shape and finely cut designs of diamond stones

Diamonds are usually cut depending on the profile of the stone. This basically means that one needs to consider the stone’s shape and the facet alignment. There are round, oval, rectangular, and triangular shapes that you will come across.

Round shaped diamonds – Diamonds of round shape are quite popular. The classic round cut of the stone maximizes its brilliance.

Oval shaped diamonds – Oval cut stones are less popular than the round shaped ones. There are some other popular cuts too which have been derived from the oval cut. The marquise cut is a widely used one. It basically has two sharp ends.

Rectangular shaped diamonds – Rectangular shaped stones are quite popular among women. Some prefer the princess cut or emerald cut stones rather than asscher cuts.

Triangular shaped diamonds – The triangular cut is also known as the trillion cut. The sides of triangular shaped stones are slightly rounded and they look fabulous anytime.

Where to purchase diamond rings from?

You can purchase contemporary style jewellery for your lady love from reputed jewellery stores. You can check out the best suitable diamond ring design in Canberra on the website of Exquisite Jewelers. They are one of the well-known and authorized diamond jewellery sellers in Australia.

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