Common Metals that are Used in Jewellery Making
Jewellers use different types of metals in their creation. Right from precious platinum to affordable brass, you will find the usage of different types of materials in jewellery. Each material comes with a set of unique features. We will try to acquaint you of some today. Hope that this helps you to understand about metal jewellery and you make a more informed decision on the next purchase.
Sterling silver is used for making jewellery. Sterling silver is long-lasting as well as durable, and is one of the most popular metals used in making necklaces, rings, cuff links, bracelets, body jewellery, etc. Silver jewellery is softer than platinum, gold and titanium and it requires more care than other precious metals.
Coveted for beauty, gold is preferred by the master jewellers since it is one of the most workable metals. It is easy to work with since it never tarnishes. Gold is preferred by both the designers as well as consumers since it lasts long if properly cared for. It does not corrode or oxidise and only a few acids and hot choline bleach have the capacity to damage gold.
Platinum is the rarest as well as the most expensive of all the metals. It is durable and does not tarnish. Enjoying a beautiful white colour, this is excellent for jewellery that needs to last very long. This is popularly used in the wedding bands, men’s rings and cuffs and other jewellery pieces.
Base Metal
Base metals include nickel, iron and copper among others. Relatively abundant, these metals oxidise as well as corrode comparatively easily. The noble metals are rare as well as corrosion resistant. The base metals like brass and copper make beautiful disc pendants.
Each material comes with a set of pros and cons for the jewellery consumer. Experiment and add different types of metals to your collection. Soon, you will find your favourite metals.

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