Choosing Engagement Rings Between White Gold or Platinum

Deciding on the precious stone, you want to feature on your, and your partner’s wedding ring is difficult. Prospective couples who are to-be-married are sparing enough time and thought these days on which precious metal to opt for their wedding or engagement ring. Two contenders that are generating quite the buzz among jewellery buyers and makers are platinum and white gold. Platinum has been a favorite of jewellers in Canberra for its sturdiness, clarity and original colour. But, white gold is steadily climbing up the ranks to give platinum a stiff competition. So which one should customers opt? Let us have a look in detail.

White Gold-

Gold has been prized for its original colour for over centuries, rather millennia, by civilisation. But white gold which is nothing but gold with a few choice impurities added to it has grown popular as the metal of choice for various kinds of jewellery. This kind of gold is 18 carats pure and comprises impurity such as manganese or palladium. These metals make the white gold more sturdy, at the expense of its purity. Thus, white gold jewellery is more suitable for daily wear. The sturdiness not only increases structural integrity but also makes the jewel less scratch-prone.

White gold is more affordable than platinum which indeed is a huge factor for a lot of consumers. With white gold, some rhodium plating may be required once every two years or so, two retain the sheen. However, the loss of lustre is very negligible and not as frequent as buyers think. While polish and plating certainly improve the texture of the finished product, white gold can compete with gold and platinum any day with regards to its magnificence in raw or polished form.


Jewellery makers have used platinum in its pure form for ages. Their tensile strength is the reason why jewellers can furnish intricate designs on platinum-based jewellery. The longevity of platinum jewellery is better than that of the counterparts from other precious metals. Most of the designer platinum jewellery across the planet is 95% pure.

The purity and density of the platinum wedding rings, add to its financial value. A platinum jewellery piece comprises a higher percentage of platinum than there is gold in an equivalent white gold counterpart. This is the simplest explanation for the price differential. However, in spite of its durability, platinum is prone to scratches due to wear ‘n’ tear from regular use.  Such blemishes create a recurring maintenance expense.

Final verdict-

There is no question that when it comes to comparison to other precious metals and the price is not a factor, platinum is the obvious choice. However, if you are looking for a quality engagement ring or wedding ring, with exquisite design within a budget, then ask any of the jewellers in Canberra – the majority will recommend white gold!

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