Buy Engagement Rings According to Your Personality

Engagement day is one of the most special days of our lives. There is a lot of pressure in finding the perfect ring since it should not only match your partner’s style but also symbolize your love for each other. The engagement is a piece of jewellery that your fiancé is going to wear every single day of her life so you need to make sure that you select the perfect one. You need to narrow down your search and consider your partner’s personality while you look at rings so that the design suits your and your lady love’s aesthetics.

You can also opt for custom design jewellery and design the ring according to your preference and budget. Before you make your purchase, however, it may be worth looking at a different range of rings to check that you are choosing the right style. Every woman has her own sense of style and they might have particular preferences like yellow gold over white gold, for example. Here we will discuss some different engagement ring styles to help you pair your bling with your fiancé’s personality.

If she is Traditional or Practical

A tradition bride would want her wedding look to be timeless and most probably this aesthetics will transcend into her day to day life so a traditional ring is also perfect for the practical side of her personality. A traditional ring will never go out of fashion. A traditional ring is a single diamond set on a simple band so that you can wear it with anything. You can choose from different band colours, diamond cuts and settings and customize the ring according to your preference.

If she is Modern

A modern bride is very similar to a traditional bride but with a twist. She would probably have the same simple band, but the diamond will be cut or set in a way that is much sleeker. You can opt for perfectly circular or geometrically cut diamond which is trending nowadays.

If she is Bohemian

If your bride’s fashion to home décor oozes an effortless, breezy, and Bohemian look you can opt for an engagement ring that comes without frills. Select the free-spirited moonstone or an opal rock for the centre of your ring instead of a traditional shiny diamond. You can also look for intricate bands with nature-inspired designs or custom design jewellery to create something one-of-a-kind.

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