A Simple Guide to Buy Second Hand Jewellery

When it comes to buying second-hand jewellery, it might seem to be a difficult task as you might not know from where it comes from. There are so many elements to consider before you opt for purchasing second-hand jewellery. You need to check the authenticity of the pre-owned jewellery and ensure you are getting good value for money.

Here is a guide to buying second hand jewellery in Canberra which will help you make the right decisions each time:

Excellent value for the price – Many of you may want to buy second-hand ornaments mainly because of the price factor which is one of the most essential deciding factors. Such jewellery pieces can be easily purchased at a relatively lower price when compared to new ones.

Keep up the vintage grace – Traditional jewellery are extremely beautiful, and they would look stunning if you pair them up with suitable outfits. When you keep buying pre-owned jewellery, there is obviously going to be less demand for new jewellery pieces and in this way, you can keep up with the vintage style and dress accordingly. The glamorous cocktail rings, chokers, etc. all seem to create that wonderful dressy feeling. 

Extremely unique – You will come across special second-hand pieces which may simply be out of stock. Thus, allowing you to carry your individual style. You can buy such items and treasure them with you, or simply pass it down to your future generation as a token of love on any special occasion.

Before buying any brand new or second hand jewellery in Canberra, check out the following points to ensure a safe purchase, spot a fake product and get double value for your money:

  1. Look for brand logos – Many jewellers while handing over the ornaments to you will make sure that the jewellery pieces have a hologram imprinted on it. You can look for the stamps on the inner corners of the ring bands and bangles.


  1. Perform a magnet test – To learn how to check for a genuine metal, you need to try carrying out a magnet test. Quality gold will fail to stick to any magnet. You can also ask your trusted jeweller to perform an acid test or use an XRF gun to create an X-Ray of the ornaments.


  1. Verify the certification – Once you decide the second-hand jewellery pieces you want to buy, you simply need to go through its certification to claim the ornaments as genuine. There are a number of cases where people have been presented with forged documentation, so in order to avoid all such scenarios, you need to go through the papers carefully and look for all sorts of errors, blurry texts, spelling mistakes, and poorly constructed lines.

To avoid all such issues right from the beginning, you need to remember to purchase jewellery only from a reputable jewellery merchant like Exquisite Jewellers and you will be good to go!

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