A Short Note on Jewelry Repair and Post-Repair Care

Worried with the broken piece of ornament that carries a sentimental value for you? Well, there are various pieces of jewelry that holds a special place in your heart and life. We understand the value of the same and assist you in repairing the piece at Exquisite Jewellers. We offer a wider range of services apart from being master in crafting unique designs. Our range of services include – on site repairs, restoration of gems and jewelry, selling gemstone, sales and repairs or watch, etc.

If you were wondering how to choose one of the best services in terms of Jewellery Repairs in Canberra, you can rely on our services. For instance, we would like to keep away our share of interest and provide you a detailed description of repairs and restorations that you can avail. Once a piece of adornment breaks, it is a wise idea to restore or repair it since they can be preserved for generations. Let’s take a tour about the repairs and post repair care of jewelry:

Common problems that require soldering:

  1. Rings and Bracelets:

These are common elements that witness wear and tear due to regular use and actions of time on it. The softer the metal the more quickly the part made with it tears down. The designs made of silver is more likely to break compared to the ones made of platinum.

  1. Chains and necklace:

When a person uses a chain or necklaces on daily basis they experience a risk of damage since they get tugged, yanked, pulled and therefore the stress get it kinked and eventually breaks it. Depending on the designs some of the chains are break easily and repairing the same needs soldering.

  1. Resizing of rings:

One of the most important repair including resizing of rings. Changing the size of a ring involves rejoining it and cutting it. If the rings are resized it is more likely to get damaged and becomes lot more susceptible to wearing and tearing.

How to handle the repaired jewelry?

Once a jewelry is repaired using the method of soldering, it is important to take care of the item and be extra careful about the same. You should be aware of the fact that putting too much pressure is likely to break the item from the soldered place. It is advisable not to wear a ring after it is resized while undertaking a strenuous activity and also protect the ring from hits and bumps.

If you are still wondering about Jewellery Repairs in Canberra, you can visit our store today to get an estimate of pocket pinch for free. We assure you the best service when it comes to repairs and restoration of the rings, necklace, bracelets, chains and more. The best way to avoid the risk of damage and restoration is to carefully use the ornaments and choosing the metals that are more durable compared to the once that are fragile. Not all jewelry repair services are of similar quality and some repairs are difficult, therefore it is important to choose a reliable expert who are knowledgeable and experienced in the trade!

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