A Guide to Buy Your Guy the Best Engagement Ring

Interested in breaking the traditional way of proposals? If you are dating a guy and know you are in love with the guy, how about proposing him for marriage? Traditionally, it’s a man who proposes a women sitting on his knees with a sparkling diamond ring. But traditions are boring and the experts of Exquisite Jewellery jotted down a guide that will a girl buying the best engagement ring for her guy raising his eyebrows!

Choosing an engagement ring is a daunting task and keeping aside the sentimental worth of the same, the first thing to keep in mind fixing a budget.  Lo and behold, the expert tips to purchase an Engagement Rings in Canberra without any risk of errors:


The trickiest part about purchasing a ring is to make sure that it fits. Finding out a woman’s ring size is easier compared to a man’s, since you can peep into the jewelry box or go to any trusted jeweler who can guess the size based on her height and weight. The same does not apply for men. Therefore, make sure that you have enough information to note what the ring size is and make sure that you are buying the correct one depending on which fingers he wears it on; for example, if he wears it on index finger or middle finger purchase a slightly smaller size.


If you are dating a man who does not love wearing jewelry a such, the task might be daunting. The following factors will help you make a perfect choice; the first thing to consider is his life-style. In case, your man works with his hands, choose a harder metal like platinum or gold since they last long and withstands wears and tears. The next thing to keep in mind is – consider his wardrobe. A guy who spends more time on T-shirts and jeans would love wearing something simple. If he dons a suit regularly and loves to keep a polished wardrobe, he will of course prefer a refined style. Visit our proficient jewelers with descriptions to amaze yourself with the latest designs and trends!

Apart from the afore stated factors, you might be confused with stack or not to stack? While women love pairing their rings with a wedding band, most men loves to keep it simple by wearing a single ring. The width of the men’s ring often makes it difficult to team it up with wedding rings. In that you can either choose to buy only one that serves the purpose of both – engagement and wedding.

You must make sure that you are visiting a jeweler who offers you the scope to exchange and reshape the items that you are buying. If you are reading this and at the same time wondering how to surprise your girl? Visit Exquisite Jewellery to witness a range of Engagement Rings in Canberra stores. We offer a wider range of selection in terms of designs, style, gemstone and the materials used in making the rings.

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