A Buyer’s Guide to Morganite Engagement Rings

The wedding day is considered as the most special day in your life. Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable, from the breakfast and getting dressed for the big event, to the moment you exchange your rings and the reception afterward. Couples often feel stress finding the perfect ring that would not only match their personality but also symbolize their love for each other forever. Most people tend to opt for a wedding ring that is cast in the same metal as the engagement ring, but the choice really is up to you.

When you have found that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, the first major consideration is choosing the perfect engagement ring for your lady love. Diamond are often the first preference for engagement rings in Canberra but if you are looking for a unique ring that your partner will cherish for her lifetime and would be happy to show off to her friends and family, you can opt for an exquisite Morganite engagement ring.

What is Morganite Engagement ring?

Morganite is a rare semi-precious stone which has a high degree of brilliance, durability, and enchanting shades of rose pink. Morganite has a warm overtone that makes engagement rings an ideal alternative to diamonds. Moreover, their durability and affordability make Morganite rings a great choice for daily wear.

The colour of the Morganite is the most important criteria to determine the quality of the stone. The best quality Morganite is clean and free of visible inclusions of any kind. A high quality, brilliant cut enhances the value, beauty and brightness of the Morganite ring. Why is Moganite so popular?
  • Morganite engagement rings in Canberra are trending for its beautiful colour, durability, and affordability.
  • The pink hue of Morganite rings has long been associated with love, romance, femininity, and tenderness.
  • Compared to pink diamonds, Morganite is highly affordable.
  • The colour pink also flatters any skin tone, especially if the rose gold setting is used for the engagement ring it adds to the irresistible appeal of the ring.

Morganite is known for its transparent peach pink colour, though its colour ranges from pale pink to pink, violet-pink, peachy-pink or salmon colour. It has been noticed that customers prefer pure pink and rose tints in their Morganite engagement rings instead of the peach and salmon Morganites which are less popular.

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