A Beginner’s Guide to Choose Engagement Ring

If you are in the market trying to buy the best engagement ring or wondering to visit the market soon – we congratulate you on the occasion! Though we don’t know your lady love, yet here are a few points that we can highlight to help you watch her get overwhelmed when you ask her to marry you.

Ideally speaking your beloved will of course be giddy with happiness with the engagement ring that you have chosen and this is where we come to your rescue. At Exquisite Jewellery, we sell best quality diamond rings and offer you a wider range of choices. Keeping aside our interest we would like to provide you with a few unbiased facts about choosing Engagement Rings from Canberra stores to get the most value for your money:

Choose a Ring Style:

The hardest part of buying a ring to propose your girlfriend is choosing the style. If you lack on the clues to find the best style, consider understanding the interest of your lady love. Provide the salesman/ woman with indications like – whether she will prefer classic, modern, nature-inspired, glamorous or any other combination. Stay alert to any hints that your partner might have dropped while discussing your engagement earlier.

Choose a Gemstone:

Most of the engagement ring features a diamond in the middle with sapphire being the second option! If you are looking for something unique you are free to choose from other precious gemstone too. To keep it simple and make a safer bet you can abide by the choice of diamond or a sapphire ring.

Keep in mind that sapphire costs lesser than a diamond and therefore, you can afford to buy a bigger gem for the same budget. You might be wondering about the fact that sapphire comes in blue, yet we must inform, there are various other colors available in the market including – yellow and pink. On the other hand, if you are choosing on diamonds you need to learn about the 4Cs – Cut, color, clarity and carat.

Decide on the Budget:

An emotional factor run sublime to your purpose of buying an engagement ring and money does play an important role in determining which one to choose. Deciding on the budget before you step out to buy the ring will help you fully explore all the options available. When it comes to characteristic features of the gem and the ring designs you must be careful about the choice. There is no hard and fast rule to follow on how much “should” be spent on the ring. We can assist you in finding a diamond or some other gemstone which balances size with quality of the same and comes within your budget as well.

Check with the salesperson who can provide you with complete knowledge about lab-crafted diamonds and the natural diamonds. Consider buying rings from the stores that offers flexible payment options!

Check the Gemstone shape and choose the precious metal:

Diamonds are generally found in ten standard shapes but by far round is considered to be the most common choice. Note that round diamonds cost more than non-round ones; you can save up to 40% by choosing some other shape like that of princess cut, cushion cut etc. Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold are a few precious metals to choose from. The first two forms a popular choice and choosing something antique will make the occasion even more meaningful.

If you are still wondering to choose the best in town, visit the nearest Exquisite Jewellery Store to buy an elegant Engagement Rings in Canberra for your Girl!

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