6 Jewellery Mistakes Customers Should Avoid At All Costs

At Exquisite Jewellers, we get a lot of questions about best practices when it comes to buying, maintaining and sporting jewellery. While some of the questions are very pertinent, some are downright alarming. Customers must follow a few guidelines if they want to make smart-buys and also wish those purchases to last a considerable amount of time.

Ask any of the prominent jewellers in Canberra such as ourselves and they are bound to agree that every jewellery enthusiast and the consumer should follow these guidelines:

  1. Investigate the materials-

Sure it may look like authentic precious metal or stones, but is it truly authentic? It is common knowledge that for various scientific reasons jewelers often infuse impurities in the jewellery they craft. Make sure the jewellery you are buying has clear indications of the precious metals and gems you want. Otherwise, you may end up paying a fortune for a fake.

  1. Regular use-

A lot of folks are in the habit of sporting the same piece of jewellery every day. In some instances, this may be avoided as in the case of wedding rings. But for the other jewellery pieces, it is certainly recommended that you replace them before going out the next day. Wearing the same piece of jewellery everyday subjects it to a lot of impurities and chemicals. The wear and tear blemish the shine as well. This also necessitates that you wash the jewel otherwise it can cause infections. Both these reasons force us to insist that you change your jewellery every day.

  1. Clean jewellery-

Cleaning a piece of jewellery every day may reduce its shine. But it is indeed advised that customers clean their jewellery at least twice a year. This helps remove the grime that collects on the surfaces. Cleaning the dirt makes the gunk easy to remove. Removing it later becomes impossible and causes more wear and tear.

  1. Low-grade cleaning methods-

Cleaning jewellery is not everyone’s cup of tea. Customers do not always follow the right techniques and end up damaging the jewellery. Practices like using toothpaste or baking soda are highly ill-advised. Alcohol-based cleaning solutions are detrimental for the jewel too. It is best to clean any piece of jewellery only twice in a year with a non-corrosive solution.

  1. Sporting jewellery underwater or in the shower-

Individuals who have the habit of wearing the jewellery everywhere usually sport it while swimming underwater or when they enter the shower also. Accidentally dislodged jewellery can go missing easily. Secondly, chemicals found in artificial pools and bathing soaps and shower gels also tarnish the quality of the jewels over time.

  1. Buying aesthetics-

Customers need to be cautious when they buy jewellery from any jeweller. Ask questions, investigate and scrutinize before purchasing. For instance, does the jewellery have any precious recycled metal used in the manufacturing process, if the gemstones are ethically sourced or not if the jewellery is imported or manufactured at the location or not, etc. should be verified before you decide to buy jewellery. Authentic jewellers in Canberra such as us at Exquisite Jewellers are more than eager to answer such queries, and help you with the buying process.

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