5 Tips to Differentiate between a Real Diamond and Fake Diamond
Wedding season is approaching and choosing the perfect diamond ring is at the top of your priority list. When choosing your dream wedding ring style or diamond ring design in Canberra, it is imperative that you know the difference between fake diamonds and real diamonds. Natural diamonds are not only rare but also very expensive so synthetic or fake diamonds are a preferred alternative to natural diamonds. Diamond is the hardest substance on Earth and is used in many other things apart from jewellery.   The malpractice of selling artificial or fake diamonds claiming that they are real has created doubt in the consumer’s mind. It is difficult to determine if the diamond is real or fake by the common man. The only way to know the authenticity of diamond is by taking it to renowned jewellery stores who will perform certain tests to know if the diamond is legitimate or artificial.  

Different Types of Artificial Diamonds

One of the most popular of these artificial gemstones is known as CZ, which stands for cubic zirconia which is synthesized in a laboratory or factory. CZ resembles real diamond but is a cheaper alternative than real diamonds. Another synthetic diamond which has been developed recently is moissanite. This variety of fake diamond is also identical to natural diamonds. Fake diamonds are also created from simple glass but a true jeweler can always distinguish it from real diamonds.  

Tips To Identify a Fake Diamond

  • Place the diamond over the printed text in a newspaper and try to read the text or see clear indications of lines, circles, or even full letters, if you can read or see clearly it is a fake diamond as natural diamonds refract light so thoroughly that you wouldn’t be able to see anything through it.
  • You can also evaluate the weight of the diamond as Cubic zirconia or CZ weigh about 50-100% more than natural diamonds of similar size so you can easily determine if the diamond is fake or real by evaluating its weight from a jeweler.
  • Look through a magnifying glass to check if the diamond has scratches and scuffs as an artificial diamond will surely have at least some scratches whereas real diamonds being the hardest substance will have none.
  • You can also check the edges of a natural diamonds which will surely appear much sharper because their hardness allows them to be cut with ultra-sharp edges while the edges of fake diamonds won’t be that sharp.
  • The most trustworthy way to know if the diamond is real is by asking for certification issued by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) to know the authenticity of the diamond.
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