5 Reasons To Buy Preloved Jewellery Instead Of New Jewellery

As consumers are getting more cost-conscious, yet desire the high quality of the luxury branded products even in jewellery, they are opening up to the possibility of preloved jewellery items. Buying preloved jewellery in Canberra is indeed an attractive option as buyers get to buy the actual jewellery at a much cheaper rate than the retail price and the jewellery are fully reconditioned, so no one will ever know that the jewellery is secondhand unless you tell them. Buying preloved jewellery also seamlessly fits into the growing shift towards reusing and going ‘green.’ So if you want to do something for the environment, you can opt for buying preloved jewellery than brand new jewellery.

Buying pre-loved can be a very daunting and potentially risky task as authenticity is the greatest concern for all buyers. It is recommended by experts that to avoid scams; buyers must purchase from a legitimate jewellery dealer like Exquisite Jewellers who specializes in preloved luxury branded jewellery and not generic off branded or non-branded jewellery. When it comes to buying preloved jewellery, here are some of the reasons why you should buy them instead of new jewellery items.

Value for money

Jewellery trend comes and goes every year, so it is a good idea to buy vintage preloved jewellery instead of pay for new jewellery items which are expensive. Getting a preloved item lets you save a good fraction of the original price for the same piece of jewellery.


Buyers always expect that the jewellery item will withstand the test of time when they buy a new piece of jewellery. With vintage jewellery items, you are already assured that they are durable pieces that will have a better chance of making it as your children’s heirloom.


Reputed jewellers have a wide selection of preloved jewellery in Canberra so buying pre-owned items will expand your choices. When you are buying new jewellery items, it means you only have one era of jewellery to consider, whereas expanding your selection to preloved pieces opens you up to tremendous possibilities. You have Retro jewellery to start with, and perhaps Art Deco, and if you are really lucky, you can get hold of Art Nouveau all the way back to Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian jewellery.


Jewellery is also considered part of our relics of the past. Preloved jewellery represents hand-crafting knowledge and techniques that were in practice in the past which may not be replicated now. You will feel special and regal to own something from the past. If you want to have something to pass along to the next generation, preloved pieces are the perfect choice as they have stood the test of time and will never go out of style.


If you have an eye for unique and statement jewellery, you have a better chance of satisfying it with pre-owned jewellery pieces. A hand-crafted piece is likely to be one-of-a-kind. Hand-crafting limits supply, and, consequently makes such pieces irreplaceable and unique.

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