5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Jewellery Outlet

Not sure about how to buy the best custom Jewellery? Start finding the best and reliable jeweler who offers you the perfect solutions with the questionnaire below. If you are located at Canberra, you know how daunting it might appear with innumerable options to choose from! We understand buying custom Jewellery in Canberra isn’t like buying anything else even when compared to expensive items like apartments and cars.

There are various factors that one needs to take care of, including – style, color, quality and the way each item appears. On top of that it is difficult to understand the quality of a particular stone with untrained eyes. You might often indulge in purchasing fine or custom Jewellery, but at times there are emotional significance attached to the same. Let’s take a look at the questions that you need to either ask yourself or the shop-owner before you make a purchase, thus, avoiding risk of errors:

  1. Is the jeweler established and licensed?

It is important to choose someone who is perfect for developing a long-lasting relationship. Look for factors like – how long has the person been in business, conduct a research on the reputation of the outlet. A business established for a couple of years will have great references, look

  1. Does the outlet have a wider choice?

If you are looking for a jeweler to buy the best quality ornaments as birthday or anniversary gifts, choose a store that offers you a wide range of selection. Make sure that the store also offers you a little guidance on the stones and materials used in the making.

  1. Is the jeweler knowledgeable?

When you are interested in buying a Jewellery make sure that the staffs should be action-oriented and knowledgeable enough to answer all your queries. Choosing a jeweler who has a trained gemologist in-house is likely to be on your list. Don’t hesitate to walk out of the shop if the salesperson is unable to answer your questions or refuses to solve your queries.

  1. Does the salesperson listen to you?

Out of all the queries and inquisitiveness, the most important thing to note – whether the jeweler or sales person listens to what you need. The respected and trustworthy jeweler should have the following features:

  • Focus on the buyer and their needs
  • Listen to you with attentive ears.
  • Showcases an array of choices for you.
  • List you the prices.
  • Shows you the ways to identify the best stones.
  1. Can you trust the jeweler?

Apart from all the aforesaid points, it is important to note whether you can trust the jeweler completely before you plunge into purchasing custom Jewellery in Canberra. The sense of trust comes from various sources – referrals of friends, family or acquaintances, checking the reviews of prior customers, conduct a research on the reputation of the same! If you are convinced with all the right question you can leap forward towards making a choice.


Armed with all the questions stated above one can trust Exquisite Jewellers for the best quality ornaments that hold a special place in your heart all your life.

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