5 Gemstones That Can Replace Diamonds In Engagement Rings

Diamond is often considered as the ultimate gemstone that men would choose engagement or wedding rings. In recent times more and more men are becoming open to the idea of buying a ring that will be unique as well as eye-catching. Make a statement by gifting your beloved a ring that has unique gemstones that are decadent and uber chic. Colorful engagement rings are fast becoming a bridal favorite because not only are they less expensive but also they offer youthful, sparkling colors.

Different people have different strategies when choosing gemstones for engagement or wedding rings from a reputed jeweller who offers gemstone sale in Canberra. Since these are meant to last for a lifetime, they need to be chosen with care, and different people consider different factors when making their choices. Open your eyes to a myriad of colored gems that might suit your partner’s personality and style. Diamond is not always the ultimate choice for the perfect engagement or wedding ring. A trendy Spinel engagement ring or even an Opal studded engagement ring might just be what she has always wanted.

Here is a list of some assorted gemstones that make a great choice for an engagement ring.


Morganite is a durable gemstone that can be a perfect fit for your engagement ring. It can be worn every day as these gems can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Although this stone is easily available in calibrated sizes, a good quality, eye-catching gem displaying exceptional color might be hard to find. Morganite is a gem that pairs well with yellow golds, rose golds and even cooler toned metals. This lustrous gemstone will surely impress your partner.


Spinel is another gem that has slowly gained popularity as a fabulous choice for engagement and wedding rings. It is a gemstone that naturally forms in a range of vibrant colors from lilacs to fiery reds; you will rarely find a spinel that will disappoint you. These strong and long lasting gems are filled with character and have excellent internal light when cut well.


Garnet is a sturdy chromatic gemstone that comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Garnets are truly magical gemstones that comes in electric green Tsavorites, noteworthy magenta Rhodolites, and also in Scarlet color. This stone is a great choice for a woman as it is available as eye clean gems and they are therefore perfect for people who like a natural, untreated and impeccable gemstone.


A Tourmaline will surely dazzle your partner with its vibrant colors and are considered a good choice for stunning engagement rings.  Instead of choosing a smaller diamond, pick a Tourmaline filled with captivating Pinks or even the elegant Chrome Greens.


One of the most classic gemstones that you can buy from a gemstone sale in Canberra is a pearl that adds sophistication and grandeur to the ring that you plan to give to your beloved partner on your engagement.  When paired with the indestructible and timeless diamond they make a pair to last a lifetime. These organic gems are lustrous and also available in rosy pinks and timeless greys, they are a great affordable choice to elevate the engagement ring.

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