5 Essential Tips To Help You Clean Your Jewellery

Any piece of jewellery is a prized possession of the owner. And as the owner, you must exercise the right amount of caution when taking care of your trinkets. Jewellery needs a thorough cleaning regimen and maintenance to retain its sparkling quality. But more often than not customers end up damaging their jewellery in the process of cleaning it. If the cleaning process seems too challenging or daunting to carry out, then customers should avail professional assistance. At Exquisite Jewellers, we provide quality restoration, cleaning and jewellery repairs in Canberra at reasonable prices.

As one of Australia’s leading jewellery repairing business, we have a few tips to share with customers and jewellery enthusiasts. These pointers may benefit them when cleaning the ornaments at home:

  1. Scrutiny

Jewellery should be taken out time to time and inspected for any signs of tarnishing. Ornaments can get tarnished both from regular use and also from storing it in unfavorable places. It is difficult to notice the blemishes and the discoloration due to daily wear. So customers are advised to check their ornaments every 6-12 months. Keep pictures of your jewels when you first bought them to compare any changes in consistency. This is common for silver ornaments.

  1. Washing the jewellery-

Washing ornaments must always be carried out with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or cleaning agent. This is the most common means of cleaning precious stones and jewels. Any kind of solvents such as hand-soaps, woolen’s soap, or castile soap that does not contain any moisturizer or harsh chemical should be useful. At Exquisite Jewellers, our professionals use a brush with soft bristles to gently clean all the deep pockets and crevices.

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning-

One of the most useful means of cleaning ornaments is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners are available in the market these days. They can help remove the grime and dirt from the problematic pockets in the jewellery item. However, ultrasonic cleaners cannot clean blemishes and tarnishes. And the device must be used carefully in proximity to gems and pearls. Customers who still feel apprehensive about doing all this by themselves can undoubtedly avail our ornaments restoration services for their precious ornaments.

  1. Polishing jewellery-

It is not surprising for jewels to tarnish over time. Lower carat jewels pieces tend to tarnish quickly. Sterling silver has the same characteristic. Jewellery owners can use a polishing cloth to remove the tarnishing. Polishing cloths specifically meant for cleaning ornaments is available online and in the local market as well. The polishing must be carried out before the wash.

  1. Silver Dip-

The silver dip is the customer’s safest option for restoring silver jewellery to its original quality. Applying some of your silver trinkets before using the polishing cloth may work wonders. You can purchase silver dip from any local supermarket, pharmacy or even a hardware shop. But it needs to be carefully applied if you want to restore your silver ornaments to their former beauty.

As one of Australia’s most trusted ornaments restoration service, we still recommend clients to approach us for jewellery cleaning and jewellery repairs in Canberra. As a professional service, we go the extra mile to ensure your prized possessions does not get damaged in the process of restoration. And we do it all at a reasonable price.


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