4 Do’s and Don’ts of Pairing Jewelry and Outfits

Are you planning to attend a friend’s wedding or a say a birthday party? Confused with the type of Jewellery you need to pair with your outfit? We understand incorporating jewelry in your wardrobe is an inevitable idea and great way to add some sophistication and glamour to your look. At the same time the entire process might turn out to be tricky and daunting.

To save your time and energy experts at Exquisite Jewellery have found out few do’s and don’ts that will prove helpful in the long run. In case, you are choosing a Custom Jewellery in Canberra or say a signature neckpiece keep in mind the following factors:


  1. Mix and match:

Fashion is a form of art that needs careful selection along with mixing/matching with the good things. It is not always necessary to match the color of your Jewellery with that of your attire. Try combining gold and silver items, long and short neck pieces with the outfit you choose. In case you do not feel convinced about mixing up and playing with colors you are free to wear a matching set of custom Jewellery which is never a bad choice.

  1. Dress for the occasion:

Outfits and jewelry always walks hand in hand offering an impression of you as a person. Therefore, focus on the occasion that you are dressing for. For example, if you pair a large hoop earring with your business attire it will be a perfect mess instead of making you a “responsible individual”. You are advised not to wear a jewelry that is perfect for a lazy evening drive with an outfit perfect to be worn at weddings/balls or an occasion of a similar tone.


  1. Wear jewelry that is dirty:

With the passage of time and increased days of not using a particular piece of ornament accumulation of dust is unavoidable. Therefore, make it a point to escape wearing jewelry that’s dirty or needs repair. Instead of enhancing your look, the decision of wearing a wrong jewelry will distract the attention of many! No matter however the amazing the attire you are wearing is, if you are pair it with a dirty and rusted jewelry your look won’t be as dazzling as you expected it to be.

  1. Go Overboard:

If you are planning to wear an extravagant outfit, make it a point that your jewelry is simple. Signature jewelry will serve the purpose more in case your dress is more gorgeous and you want to focus on the same. Classic pieces accented with fancy outfits is something that will attract the praise from others. Too much glitz will spoil the look that you actually wanted!

To pick a Custom Jewellery in Canberra, make it a point that you are selecting a piece that will never go out of style. We at Exquisite Jewellery guarantee you uniquely crafted designs and items that will pair perfectly with your individual style statement thus make you showstopper of the evening!

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