4 Different Types of Diamond Rings Settings

Planning to buy a diamond ring to propose your girl for marriage or planning to gift one on your wedding anniversary? We understand this is a daunting task since, there are a lot to understand and know about diamond setting, cuts, shapes, size and color! Diamond is considered to be one of the most precious stone that needs a perfect cut and setting to appear exclusively beautiful. Be it an engagement ring or an anniversary gift, one needs to choose the designs carefully.

The emotional factors attached to that of the rings is what we consider important at Exquisite Jewellery. Therefore, here are a few designs settings that are explained below and will act as a guide for the one interested in buying a Diamond Ring Design from Canberra Jewellers. Let’s take a look at the different diamond settings to choose from:

Prong and Solitaire Setting:

Prong is considered to be one of the little claw metal that grips the diamond tightly thus holding in its own place. These could be round, flat, v-shaped, pointed and more forms the most common and classic ring setting type. Either four or six prongs are used to secure the diamond in its place. The best part of this setting is that more diamond is visible thus allowing light to pass through and increase the brilliance. This solitaire and prong setting makes the diamond main apart of attraction other than the fancy metalwork.

Bezel Setting:

This is considered to be the second most popular setting when it comes to diamond setting offering a modern look to the ring. The bezel setting encircles the diamond or the center stone with a thin rim of metal that is custom made according to the size of the gemstone to hold it in its place. There are two types of bezel setting available in the market – full setting encircles the gemstone completely in the center of the ring and partial bezel leaves the sides open. These setting adequately supports and protects the diamonds.

Tension Setting:

The diamond or gemstone attached in the ring appears to have been suspended between two shank sides. The jewelers carefully craft tiny grooves at the sides of the band using laser technology to understand the dimension of the diamonds. The precious stones are held by custom made metals under pressure. This tension style adds an extra edge to the ring and is less expensive.

Channel Setting:

The channel setting is generally used to secure smaller diamonds in a row into a narrow band of a ring. Thus the metal channel is left sparling with the smaller stones that are carefully imbibed. The gemstones or diamonds are set closely together into the channel grooves. More popular as wedding bands and engagement rings this style ensures there is a huge gemstone in the center and other stones set in a channel therefore, increases the beauty of the same.

Apart from the afore-said styles and settings there are a few more that needs special mention like – pave setting, halo setting, cathedral setting, bar setting, flush setting, three stone setting and more. Choose a Diamond Ring Design from Canberra stores of Exquisite Jewellers to make the occasion of your wedding or engagement adorable!

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