4 Common Myths and Truth Behind Jewellery Busted

Are you wondering about buying the best quality Jewellery? You must be confused about the myths related to precious stones and metals that is imbibed within human race. Can you tell if gold is real just by biting it? Well, you need to read the myths stated below to get the same busted.

Exquisite Jewellery being one of the efficient and trusted Jewellers in Canberra, make sure that you understand the shape, color, quality and details of the gems or metals; we have pointed out a few myths that needs to be revealed for the customers to buy and identify gemstones easily. Let’s take a glimpse:

Myth 1#

Opals Bring Bad Luck:

The gemstone was considered very lucky and the Romans established this as one of the precious gem. This gemstone is considered to be one of the rarest combination of beauty that have been associated with black magic, misfortune and bad luck in growing years. But this is not true and black opals are regarded as a rare treasure in the recent years.

Myth 2#

Diamonds are the Most expensive stone:

There are a lot of debate about the fact and some believe that emeralds are most expensive whereas few others consider alexandrite to be expensive. The other common belief about the gemstone is that Diamonds are indestructible. Though it is true that only a diamond can scratch another diamond, the gemstone can chip or crack when not taken care of properly. While considering the price of a diamond one needs to understand the 4Cs – Color, Cut, clarity and carat.

One more myth that runs parallel to these are “Diamonds are the rarest Gemstone”. The truth lies in the fact that colored diamonds might be rare whereas the gemstone in general is not rare.

Myth 3#

You can bite gold to reveal if it is real:

Purer the gold the softer it is; but this necessarily does not prove that human teeth can leave a mark on it. The unscrupulous practice of painting lead with gold color to fool buyers is common since the metal is soft too. Therefore, one needs to visit a trustworthy jeweler to determine the carat and purity of gold.

Myth 4#

Gold comes in yellow, white and rose color:

The afore-said color variation of gold is available in market yet, real gold is yellow. Colored gold are actually a mixture of gold other metals like iron, silver, copper, platinum and aluminum thus forming an alloy. Even Yellow gold are considered to be alloys since they have metals of different qualities associated with it. The only exception of 24 carat gold!

If you are interested in buying ornaments from any trusted Jewellers of Canberra, try taking reference from family, friends and acquaintances. Conduct a complete research on the store that you have selected to make sure you do not end up making a mistake.  Consider buying Jewellery from any of your nearest Exquisite Jewellery Store to bag rarest, precious and antique ornaments. We offer a wider array of choices to the customers in form of necklaces, engagement rings, pendants and more. Unique designs and onsite Jewellery makes us a distinguished name in the trade.

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