4 Common Custom Design-Cuts for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings hold a lot of sentimental value to the person who wear it. At Exquisite Jewellers we provide custom jewellery designing services at competitive prices. We have had experience in designing and manufacturing jewellery for numerous occasions for our esteemed customers.

Custom jewellery in Canberra is becoming very popular and many enthusiasts and buyers approach us with all kinds of quirky designs. It is a stressful process but uniquely rewarding. There are numerous styles and cuts we mix and match to produce diverse results each time. But our foremost objective is to ensure that the ring is designed keeping the customer’s preference in mind. Several cutting styles are popular when it comes to custom designed engagement rings. Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Solitaire cuts-

Solitaire cut custom engagement rings are all about simplicity of design. A singlular, big diamond stone is the center-piece. The gem is the focus of the ring. Crafting brilliant, geometric shapes on the diamond is common. Solitaire cut rings have several types. For instance, the princess solitaire that features a square princess cut diamond, or the marquis solitaire cut that features a boat-shaped design with sharp, pointy ends.

  1. Double band cuts-

This kind of custom jewellery features two bands that run through the circumference of the ring. Embellishing the bands with precious stones like small diamonds depends upon the choice and budget.  It also features a more massive stone in between the bands.

  1. Radiant cut-

Radiant cuts feature geometric facet patterns. The geometric facets facilitate angled corners. Radiant cut, custom engagement ring designs are a popular choice for their sparkling quality which attracts a lot of attention. This type of cut helps bring the focus to the characteristics of the diamond.

  1. Halo cut-

Halo cut custom engagement rings are the ones which feature the most garish precious stone ensembles. It usually features a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds around it. Customers can request for other precious stones instead of diamonds to surround the central stone. This leaves a budget for a big central diamond. It helps the diamond stand out also. Adding different precious gems also allows designers and customers to experiment with diverse colours.

At Exquisite Jewellers we are happy to design your engagement rings at affordable prices that accommodate a wide range of styles and expertise. As one of the leading makers of custom jewellery in Canberra, let our services at Exquisite Jewellers mark the beginning of your happily married life.

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