3 Important Things That You Need To Know About Jewellery Repairs

Buying jewellery, whether it is for yourself or for someone else can be a lot of fun. Wearing jewellery is something very personal as it reflects your personal style and elegance. However, after years of use the jewellery might be in need of some repair. Jewellery repairs in Canberra can be a confusing thing, especially if you do not know much about how it is done. At Exquisite Jewellers our expert bench jewellers have been doing jewellery repair for decades.

When you buy a nice piece of jewellery, you often promise yourself that you will take good care of it, but most of the time you fail to do so. It is a good idea to get jewellery repaired as soon as possible because more damage can occur or additional links, stones or other decorative elements can fall off and get lost when a piece of jewellery is damaged.

Here are answers to some of your questions regarding professional jewellery repairs services.

Even fine jewellery require maintenance

Durable materials, metals, and gemstones are used to make high-quality fine jewellery. Many jewellery lovers are under the impression that fine jewellery doesn’t need regular maintenance as they are made from metal and stone which are tough materials. But they are unaware that the metals and gemstones in jewellery are not always as impervious as we imagine. Jewellery is usually made from metals like gold, platinum, and silver which are very soft. The daily wear and tear we put on our jewellery take more of a toll than we think and you also need to remember that not all gemstones are as hard as diamond. Soft gemstones like opal, pearls, and emeralds are susceptible to small scratches and abrasions which make them look worn over time.

The reason jewellery needs regular maintenance is that we are often a lot harder on our jewellery than we realize. Even a relatively light impact at the wrong place can knock a small gem out of its setting. Daily chores like gardening and washing dishes are particularly hard on jewellery. Simple activities like sliding of a pendant along its chain can eventually damage the jewellery. We often apply hand lotion which can build up in the small crevasses in rings causing the gems to lose some of their sparkles.

When ring size is adjusted most jewellers add gold

At Exquisite Jewellers, you need not worry about your ring looking thin after we sized it up. When any jeweller sizes up a ring, he actually cuts the ring and opens it up the right amount to achieve the new size. A new piece of metal is prepared to match the ring in color and shape after achieving the new size. Finally, the jeweller will weld or solder that piece into the ring and smooth it down to match the rings shank profile.

Remember some gems are sensitive to heat

Diamonds are the toughest stone, so they are capable of tolerating a lot of things. Diamonds are forged under high pressure and temperature; a diamond can take a tremendous amount of heat before it is damaged. But more fragile gemstones like opal, pearls, amethyst, topaz, and many others are easily damaged if exposed to excess heat. If gemstone is damages, you need to remember that jewellery repairs in Canberra like soldering broken chains, retipping worn prongs, and sizing a ring all require a great deal of heat. If a fragile gemstone is set in jewellery that needs this work, it can get damaged. So, you need to find a reputable and reliable jeweller like Exquisite Jewellers who will go through the time consuming and expensive process of removing each gemstone from the piece before the work is done and resetting them after it is finished.

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